Dice Beatport


DJ Dice was first infected with the virus that is dance music during the summer of 1989. But it was five years of dancing, before he ever thought about getting behind the decks. Yes, it took him some time to realize what his true passion in life is, but once he did, DJ Dice got right to it!!!

After spending three years practicing in his bedroom, DJ Dice decided to unleash himself upon the world, first through a series of mix tapes. These led to his landing his residency “The Sounds of the Underground” on KAZU 90.3 FM in Monterey California. The show grew very quickly, from one show late Saturday nights, to being on every weeknight from 10pm to Midnight.

When DJ Dice first started spinning he was all about Progressive/Epic Trance. Then he progressed into plain UK Hard House, Hard Trance & NRG tracks. But eventually he got tired of the relentless tempo & switched up to spinning Breaks. Particularly he’s known to throw down sets that are very funky, yet have that meaty heavy sub bass to get the whole party shakin!

DJ Dice’s newest project is venturing into the realm of music production under the alias of The Irthshaeka. More to come…