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Oakland, United States

Electro House

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DJ Diagnosis spent his childhood listening to a wide variety of music, often using a tape deck to chop up samples of Disney records to create his own low-tech version of mix-tapes. He grew up playing the piano, sax and drums/percussion and eventually learned to play the turntables as a DJ in 1995.

He first learned how to beat-match when his college room-mate, Danny Langley, brought down a used pair of Technics, a mixer and a milk crate of used records from DJ Liquid (Danny’s High School friend) to their home in Santa Barbara. Diagnosis (DJ Pickle at that time) worked to hone his skills by way of some epic break-beat tracks from the Bassbin Twins, Electroliners and Armand Van Helden and tried to get as much deck time as possible on his room-mates tables.

Evntually Diagnosis bought his first rig while living in San Luis Obispo in 1998 and started collecting a wide variety of vinyl. He began DJing at various non-profit events for at-risk youth and learned to scratch with a turntablist crew who put on shows with local breakdancing and freestyle rapping Djs. Eventually he was found at a house party by the owner of Egregious Records and was asked to join the crew throwing a weekly party called Bad Monkey where he showcased his scratching and bangin House sets to the pleasure of local college students.

Diagnosis moved to Boston to attend Boston College Graduate School of Social Work in 2000 and buried himself in his studies, but eventually got hooked up with some friends connected with Boston’s only after-event called Rise. He was able to DJ one-off parties from time to time, but was a bit out of place with his bangin house/break beat style amidst the Progressive House and Trance dominated Boston scene.

Diagnosis moved back to California in the summer of 2003 and started DJing one-off parties with DJ Rudy Ramos, playing at various Bay Area venues such as Kingman’s Lucky Lounge, Snowdrift, The Condor Lounge, Saki Lounge and eventually landed a rotating residency playing hip-hop at Asia SF.

Diagnosis attended his first Burning Man in 2008 and met up with The Divine Rhyhtm Society where he found his soul as a ‘dancey chill’ DJ – wowing the audience in the chill areas with soulfully scratch-tastic chill sets that were truly unique. He eventually joined the Airpusher DJ Collective and began performing around the Bay Area and Northern California region, expanding his sound to include a wide variety of musical tastes, from Electro-House to trip-hop and always with a touch of scratching and hip-hop flava to keep it live.

He now is excited to be newly involved in the Tasty World Audio DJ Crew – bringing tasty food and beats to the Bay Area every 1st Thursday at the Lookout for SUPERSONIC. This new monthly event features global beats, tasty eats and excellent liquid treats from resident Tasty Djs and special guest DJs from throughout the Bay Area.