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Tampa, United States


Sometime in the mid ‘90s, while he was still in high school, a group of friends asked him to go out to the club with them. DHL found himself at the Edge in Fort Lauderdale immersed in dancing lights, thumping music, and the feeling of radiating energy from the crowd. All he could think was, “This is AWESOME!” It was from that night he was hooked.

Shortly after that, he started spinning records and cut his teeth on Breaks, but quickly found pleasure in experimenting with all forms of EDM. DHL says:

“To say I have a favorite genre is kinda silly. I like all forms of EDM for their individual aspects and feelings they evoke. Different styles ultimately take you to the same place, but with each one, the journey is different. ”

DHL does however have favorite styles he likes to play and those are House, Tech House, Techno, and Minimal. The bottom line is that EDM excites DHL because the music is always new and changing. Even though the basic structure is the same, the variations and twists of how a set is put together makes it exhilarating.

DHL tends to go with the crowd for finding what’s good, but he tends to like good, established producers. Some of his favorites include Richie Hawtin, Timo Maas and Roger Sanchez, just to name a few.

DHL’s biggest contribution to the EDM scene is his website eNation, launched circa 1996. The eNation logo has since become a brand name around Florida. “Sometimes I find my logo on flyers for parties I didn’t even know about.” It’s his love and passion for the scene, the peoples’ respect for his website that drives him to keep it going. Around 1999, DHL began a weekly internet broadcast, eNation Live, featuring big names from Aphrodite to Vicious Vic, as well as up and coming artists from the area.

Currently, DHL is focused on his radio station He is still hosting the weekly eNation Live show where DJs come out to a spot here in Tampa Bay so they can be showcased live on the internet in a way they may not have opportunity for otherwise. He has worked hard to find new talent and now has DJ’s across the globe playing regular live shows. DHL’s hard work has paid off. His station boasts Window’s Media Guide Editor’s Pick three times in 2010, and is also listed in iTunes Radio.

DHL hosts his own personal show, Special Delivery, airing every other Tuesday from 7 – 9pm (EST). In the first hour you will be treated to his freshest mix and the second hour he will showcase new tracks from indie to mainstream labels.

DHL just wants to keep the music going, create an outlet for himself, other artists and anyone else who wants to get involved. “What I like most about what I am doing now is when people let me know that they respect what I am doing and that it touches them.”