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Progressive excursions from Texas? Austin, Tx. October, 2000. The state capital of Texas – Austin – is a liberal city with a rich musical heritage. Anyone who has experienced this vibrant, multi-cultural metropolis will tell you that: “Austin Is Music!” Jazz, blues, rock and Tex-Mex musical artforms have always co-existed in harmony and thrived here. Electronica has firmly and finally made its mark on the local scene and Austin will very likely thank its own born-and-bred son Dustin Fuselier (aka D:FUSE) for this influence in years to come, with good reason.

A little information: Austin is the proud host to some of America’s leading cutting edge technology hard- and software institutions including High End Systems, a world leader in effects lighting. Many independent pro audio and music-related companies are also residents, and the night-life is always entertaining. It’s a cool place to say you come from, to reside in, or to visit. Yup, Austin kicks big butt!

Welcome to an arena of poetic energy and rhythm: an arena where spiritual tones meet driving beats to form a journey into progressive house, trance and techno vibes. You are actually in Texas and you’re now deep inside D:Fuse’s territory as this is where he is from, and where he lives. Welcome to Austin.

D:Fuse broke onto the Texan dance scene nine years ago. At that time he was writing and performing industrial music under the name ‘Culture Industry’. He soon turned his energies to full time DJing – playing progressive music – and got opening sets at area parties. Crowds noticed his ability to mix different musical styles seamlessly, and his popularity quickly flourished. Like so many before him, D:Fuse has self-funded his musical aspirations via his own DJ company, Industry Mobile DJ Services, and his company still thrives.

During the summer of 1997 D:Fuse created ‘Sunday Massive’, a small three level underground event featuring house and trance spun by himself, alongside other local and national DJs. This became a solid Austin phenomenon and the keen, up-for-it followers soon grew from just a handful to hundreds, earning D:Fuse an enthusiastic and loyal following. The age of European-inspired dance electronica had truly arrived in his native Austin, mainly thanks to his own faith and efforts, as D:Fuse pushed new musical limits and took full advantage of many opportunities.

D:Fuse was featured on the Texas leg of the “Caffeine” tour as well as doing dates with Überzone and DJ Icey. Area promoters took note, and began to book him as their headlining act. His fame was growing rapidly: it was time for D:Fuse to look outside the confines of both Austin and Texas. By this time he had given up his regular ‘day job’ to devote 100% of his time to forging a career in the highly competitive world of spinning and making dance music; his passions. By the late 1990s D:Fuse had gained much respect and a good reputation, so he was soon co-headlining parties with famed and veteran DJs in the Austin area, and elsewhere.

D:Fuse’s primary musical influences around this time included Renegade Sound Wave, Jerry Bonham, Paul Oakenfold, BT, John Graham (Quivver), Paul Van Dyk, The Chameleons, The Orb and Future Sound of London.

D:Fuse first entered a recording studio in early 1997 to produce a DJ mix entitled “Synergymix”, a progressive house/trance compilation. His second CD release, “Listenmix”, displayed a continuing evolution with pumping trance and trance break rhythms, combined with deeply spiritual undertones. In the first two months of its release this sought-after CD sold well over 1,000 copies in Texas, California and Florida alone. D:Fuse was on his way up: the long journey really had begun and the opportunities he’d grabbed were beginning to pay him dividends. More importantly D:Fuse was enjoying himself, gaining growing confidence in his own DJ talent and abilities. His audiences convinced him of that. He was rapidly maturing as an artist, too – and it clearly showed in his work.

With a fast-growing, eager fan base and a string of successful CD releases to his credit, D:Fuse’s mixing skills fortunately soon came to the personal attention of dance music pioneer Steve Levy, founder and president of LA-based Moonshine Music. Steve instantly liked D:Fuse’s unique style. “Psychotrance 2000”, mixed live by D:Fuse, was released worldwide by Moonshine in September, 1999 and to date has sold around 35,000 units. It remained on the Electronic Dance Music chart for thirty-one weeks. “Psychotrance 2001”, the follow-up Moonshine CD release, sold 14,000 units in just thirteen weeks. Both of these releases have received highly favorable reviews in the American music press. D:Fuse’ new recording for Moonshine, “Progressive Mix Volume One”, will be available in the USA in March.

Moonshine’s Steve Levy says: “I first met Dustin in Austin during the Moonshine Over America tour in 1998. He dropped his Synergy mix CD on me. I didn’t listen to it for a couple of months but, as soon as I did, I knew we needed to be working with him. So, we got him to mix the “Psychotrance 2000” CD, and the rest is history.”

As a remixer and producer D:Fuse is one half of EXPANSION with fellow Austin-based writer and producer, Shane Howard. Expansion’s style caught the attention of world class DJs and producers, and they have already collaborated with San Francisco-based Jerry Bonham. Expansion’s “Feel” was featured on Dave Seaman’s recent “Global Underground – Buenos Aires” compilation. Sasha, Paul van Dyk, Nick Warren, Chris Fortier, Anthony Pappa and Slacker have all included Expansion tracks on their play lists and charts.

D:Fuse’ work with both current production partners, Shane Howard and Joy, has displayed a unique blend of deep progressive house rythms, tinged with funky trance, which has proved to be very popular. Yes – that’ him on vocals, too! D:Fuse’ future as a DL and producer/artist looks promising indeed, “She Rides” and “You Got It” have both been signed to Perfecto, Paul Oakenfold’ renowned London-based record label.

D:Fuse & JOY’s “You Got It” on Funked Up Recordings is currently being hammered in clubs the world over by the likes of Carl Cox, Timo Maas, John Digweed, Scott Bond, Seb Fontaine, Ashley Casselle, Grant Plant and John “00” Fleming. It’s getting rave reviews and amazing crowd reactions everywhere. According to John Fleming: “It’s the sound of NOW!” Seb Fontaine showcased “You Got It” in his recent BBC Radio One Essential Mix. This tune was named ‘Vital Release’ in the February edition of UK’s prestigious Muzik magazine and has been licensed by Gatecrasher for their next mix compilation CD. D:Fuse’s follow-up with Joy, “She Rides” – which will be released on Perfecto in March – is sure to follow suit. This track has also been licensed by Gatecrasher.

D:Fuse has earned his place as a well-respected pioneer of progressive music on the ‘third coast’ and his fame has grown rapidly. A chance meeting in San Francisco in late 1999 led to what will probably become his most career-defining move yet. D:Fuse’s skills were brought to the attention of Paul Oakenfold, and Oakey liked what he heard so much that he offered D:Fuse the opening DJ slot on his next North American Perfecto tour, which took place in November last year. Both crowd and press reactions were hugely positive, and all of the shows were sold out. The next Perfecto North American tour (27 dates) is currently being planned for March and April, and D:Fuse will be opening again. Paul Oakenfold and D:Fuse definitely work very well together.

According to Paul Oakenfold: “I’ve never made a secret of my ambition to succeed in America. I’ve been spinning Stateside for more than ten years and I love being there. I’ve met so many talented American DJs and artists, and my sets definitely reflect a belief in their scene. My decision to work with a DJ from the States is a reflection of my strong faith in the US dance movement. Dance music has exploded in America and there’s just so much home-grown talent. I feel it’s right that I show my support for a growing culture that has always supported me so much. D:Fuse represents what I admire most: he’s worked hard for what he’s acheived, he’s a fantastic DJ and artist, he has a creative mind and he understands the whole vibe.”

Paul Oakenfold also made some very favourable comments about D:Fuse and his production partner, Joy, in the January issue of UK’s Ministry magazine.

In D:Fuse’s own words: “I’ve always greatly admired what Paul Oakenfold has done, both musically and for the global dance scene in general. The opportunity to collaborate with him is like a dream come true. As well as being able to play for large Oakenfold-influenced crowds it’s a great learning time, too. The last tour was an incredible experience, and I’m really looking forward to the next one. I‘ve guaranteed Paul that I’m 100% behind him.”

As a dedicated promoter, D:Fuse still continues expanding the boundaries of the Austin music scene. As founder of local club weeklies “Life” and “Elevate” he consistently draws sold out crowds with his energetic turntable presence and progressive track programming – usually replete with his now famous cowboy hat. His sets have become a must-see nationwide and he constantly travels all over the USA, Mexico and Canada.

As D:Fuse’s DJ reputation continues to grow, his touring schedule

increases. He has been featured in URB and Mixer magazines, and a major feature article will appear in DJ Times in April. He was featured as a ‘name to look out for in 2001’ in the January issue of Ministry magazine in England, and in URB magazine in the USA. He has a residency at the legendary ‘Release’ in San Francisco, where he appeared on New Year’s Eve. He has just completed his first UK dates at Creation, Slinky and Passion appearing alongside Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine, John ‘00’ Fleming, John Johnson, JFK and Steve Thomas. Whilst in England he recorded a new track with Ryan Maunder – another name to watch out for – and did a remix for Niche Records. He was also filmed for a DVD production. D:Fuse will soon be spinning in Brazil and Argentina, and he will appear at three major events during the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami. Word is that he’ll be the talk of the town that week! More UK dates are currently being planned for May, including an appearance at Gatecrasher. Ibiza dates are also being negotiated.

D:Fuse’s philosophy is quite simple: “Music has saved my life and all I want to do is to pass my musical message to the public. I’ve been handed some wonderful opportunities and experiences in my life through music, and I consider it a privilege to be able to give something back in return.”