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DJ Devine was Introduced to the world of Electronica at quite an early age of 14.

His father himself already listening to the genres of EuroDance and loved Dance music. The old “Labouche” tracks to Haddaway’s “What Is Love”. He listened to alot of these types of music. Overhearing all this, Devine soon came to realize that this music was something that his teenage hood would soon not forget.

The first few actual trance tracks that swept the hard drive were those of the likes of pure Trance. Pure, uplifting and euphoric Trance. The music soon became like a drug, the more he listened to it, the more he had to have.

Eventually Devine got to the point where listening was just not enough. He had to take part in the EDM culture and take his own road to Dj’ing. He had collected hundreds of tracks and records, searched and researched countless amount of hours into the EDM scene, and got to better understand peoples’ thoughts and opinions and ultimately what Electronic music really was.

Devine saved up some money and with the help of my father and Purchased his first pair of Pioneer CDJ’s and an American DJ mixer. With an old pair of Sony headphones, he I began the passion.

The equipment was old and used, but help and advice from a few good friends such as DJ Gt and Project C (Dj GT VS. Project C), Devine quickly learned it wasn’t the equipment that needed to be perfected, it was the DJ.

With ongoing experiments with Dance music, there has become no boundaries as Dj Devine is able and willing to stretch the borders from Trance, Dance, Progressive, House, Techno, Chill, Lounge to much more.

“Every time I bring it on the decks, I bring it with my heart, I try to remember those very first days I was introduced to this music, and the passion and excitement I had for it back than.”

“I perform with true skill and passion, which I believe are the two main elements in this music.”

“I try to critique every moment of every second into a recorded mix or a live mix at a club. I want everyone to enjoy and share my mixes, I want to give back what I’ve gotten back from the music.”