Top 50k on The DJ List


Moscow, Russian Federation

Electronica, Open Format


Roman Matoukhine is a Russian electronic music producer, remixer, dj and promoter, native of Perm Region, Russia. In his native town he produced hip-hop since 13 years old age. He created his first tracks as Deuz in 2006 after moving to Saint-Petersburg and then started to perform successfully as a DJ in Saint-Petersburg and other parts of Russia. In 2007 he has created “BreakWaves promo” group, which has made break-beat events with Hyper(UK), Odissi & Quest(UK) and other prominent Europian break-beat artists. His track “The Jets” in 2009 has been played by Jay Cunning on his Kiss FM show in UK, after that “The Jets” has been played on iBreaks FM and XFM as well. After 2 years of booking artists and djing Roman has stopped the promotional part and has started to work on his own project, name of which is still unknown. Though, his remix of pop artist Ilya Lagutenko song with Mars Needs Lovers project has received the best points from Ilya Lagutenko himself.