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The coolest dance project of summer 2008 is made in Italy… The three producers are Italians ………. ALEX GIUNTA, GIORDANO DONATI and CLAUDIO COVERI. They are the authors of the most successful songs of world dance music; in spring 2008, in cooperation with the label SAIFAM GROUP, they have brought out one of the most played song of the summer season “IBIZA”. Great impact for the different versions of the single, but the remix of SIMONE FARINA and RAF MARCHESINI is even better than the others. The result is a version with an incredible rhythm, which carries you to the dance floor in whirls of emotions. The video clip has been shot by the famous director Stefano Bertelli with spectacular and fascinating images from the sunny beaches of Isla Blanca. The single has immediately won a special attention beyond the Italian borders, as far as that Universal Spain and Airplay records France decide to acquire the rights for their own Countries. In a short time “Ibiza” has entered the most important summer compilation in Italy and in the world as well as in the play lists of the most famous deejays in the world.The top of the main charts are achieved in the twinkling of an eye by “IBIZA”, as well as the Club Charts of the most important Radios in Italy and all over the World. Particularly in France, “Ibiza” arrives first in the chart issued by Fun Radio, one of the most important radios, according to the most danced hits in the French clubs. In Spain the reference radios are Maxima fm and Flaix fm; they are making of “Ibiza” a great success and, week after week, “IBIZA” reaches the top of the Spanish charts. All the most famous beaches from Mikonos to Sharm El Sheik, from Porto Cervo to Dubai, have played “IBIZA” again and again…. An enduring memory of the funny nights had in the trendiest night clubs. The hottest new comes from the Global Dance Traxx (official chart of the world most danced songs, drawn up by the American Bilboard); Ibiza by Desaparecidos is in the highest positions together with only 3 other Italian productions …. Not bad! This is just the beginning …. Other countries like Australia, Germany Holland and Great Britain are now interested in obtaining the licenses. As for the European official Chart (Euro dance of Fun radio Fra) Ibiza has already entered the top ten of the most danced songs in Europe, up-to-date on Aug.31st. The rhythm of IBIZA brings to life and fun, sometimes it takes a little… Desaparecidos did that! The dream comes true… Ibiza….. Ibiza….. Ibiza came out in April 2008 by the SAIFAM /UNIVERSAL FRANCE, as Project Desaparecidos “Ibiza”, have been licensed to Record Companies into the following countries: France,(HIT) Belgium (HIT), Oland (HIT), Portugal, Spain (HIT), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland (HIT), Turkey(HIT), Greece (HIT), Russia (HIT), Romania (HIT), Argentina, Chile, Mexico (HIT), Brazil (HIT), Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costarica, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Israel (HIT), Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Philippines. considered from the beginning as the real dance hit of 2008. Few examples : N.10 ITUNES TOP WORLD SINGLE DANCE N.12 FRENCH SINGLE SALES CHART N.13 TOP 50CLUBS CHART FRANCE 008 (YACAST THE BEST 2008) N.6 TOP 40 DANCE AMERICA LATINA ( N.1 HOT 30 CLUB PLAY BRAZIL N.6 METROLPOLITANA FM BRAZIL N.18 ITUNES TOP SINGLE FRANCE N.2 ITUNES TOP 10 DANCE FRANCE N.50 EUROCHART SINGLE N.26 GLOBAL DANCE CHART (37 weeks in chart) N.2 EURODANCE 25 (chart referred to the most danced sings in Europe) N.9 TOP 20 IN 2008 (the best 2008 in Italy) N.2 TOP 40 CLUB CHART FRANCE (13 weeks in TOP5) N.3 DJ BUZZ FRANCE N.2 CLUB CHART ITALIA (30weeks in chart) N.2 ITALIAN HOUSE CHART N.6 SALES CHART ITALIA N.1 MAXIMA FM SPAIN N.3 FMC DANCE TOP 50 NETHERLAND N.6 TOP 40 DANCE CHART POLOGNE N.12 NORVEGIAN DANCE CHART AND SCANDINAVIAN DANCE CHART N.7 TOP BILLBOARD TURKIYE TOP 20 N.13 SHAZAM ID CHART TURKEY N.17 TOP 40 SERBIAN DANCE CHART N.7 TOP 100 VIBE FM 2008 ROMANIA N.59 TOP 100 BELGIUM MUSIC CHART HIT IN ITALY, FRANCE, SPAIN, BRAZIL, AMERICA LATINA, ROMANIA, POLOGNE, BELGIUM, TURKIYE, ISRAEL ….. AN INTERNATIONAL HIT INDEED!!! The Adventure of the Desaparecidos goes on… at end of March 2009 comes finally out the follow up of Ibiza .. “FIESTA LOCA”…. The first feedbacks say that this would be the hit of summer 2009…. The tour around the worlds continues…. Together with ALEX, GIORDANO and CLAUDIO the protagonist of the video clip is the exquisitely beautiful model INNA MEREMERENKO. The producer is still Stefano Bertelli who, taking inspiration from the movie The Italian Job of 2004, makes FIESTA LOCA even more spectacular through the impressive canals of the unique Venice and through the bright colours and lights of the incredible New York. For DESAPARECIDOS the adventure goes one… “FIESTA LOCA” this is just the beginning of a hot summer….