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For Des McMahon, 2010 was the year before the year: 9 releases, countless hours in the studio and a full course load at school.

He released on the right labels, received support from the Top 100 and spun alongside the world’s best. After all that you’d think the Philly-native would be somewhat satisfied.


Focused. Driven. Relentless. The only thing that might satisfy Des is the prospect of not having to find a day job. His mixing, mastering and engineering prowess lend themselves well.

Des lives in the present. He evolves with the times. If there’s one thing that can be said about the music of Des McMahon, it’s that it embodies a gritty elegance. He refers to it simply as…

Music with Attitude.

The beats break, the bass moves, the speeds hit 140. The melodies soothe, inspire and lift. The drops crush skulls.

For Des McMahon, 2011 is the year of carrots and sticks. It’s the year of the rabbit… let’s get it jumpin’ SON!!