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Dj Dero is a young Argentine DJ, just over 34 years old, who has revolutionized dance music not only in his country, but also in great part of the world. He was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his career at the age of 13 in private parties and very soon he became the DJ for a discotheque called ‘Airport’. After 2 years he was signed up as a resident in the best club in Buenos Aires called New York City leading the night life for 9 years. In this club Dj Dero achieved a local status of superstar which enabled him to release his first record in 1992 called “Dj Dero Volumen 1”. This record reached platinum status in Argentina, also in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.

After his successful incursion in the music industry he changed his Dj booth in New York City for the residence in ‘El Cielo’, the biggest club in Buenos Aires which once again put him at the top level in the music business and night life in Argentina.

His musical releases continued with the records “Dj Dero Volumen 2” and “Dj Dero Volumen 3” which allowed him to appear not only in the local sales charts, but also obtaining top tens in countries like: Germany, Spain, France, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, etc with his mega hit single “Batucada” and “La Campana”.

Chosen for three consecutive years as the best Dj in South America by Billboard mag and D-mode Mag. His next release was “Dj Dero Volumen 4”, which included the hit “The Horn” (El Tren). The video was filmed in Tokyo during his first Asian tour and was a Top Ten hit in several countries around the world.

Although his schedule is incredibly busy, his international success has permitted Dj Dero to play in the most important Clubs from around the world as: Ministry Of Sound (London), Arena (Berlin), Tunnel (New York), Pacha (Buenos Aires), Eden (Ibiza), Welfarre (Tokyo), La Boom (Mexico), Floresta (San Pablo), La Oz (Santiago de Chile), Zona Franca & Absalon (Colombia), Space (Punta del Este), Ku (Argentina), Sobremonte (Mar del Plata).

During the 1998 World Tour, DJ Dero was invited to play at the famous Berlin LoveParade where he was the only South American DJ participate in the biggest party, with more than one million people dancing on the streets.

In 1999 he was invited again, but in this occasion he was chosen to make a version of the LoveParade official anthem called “Music is the key”, being Dj Dero the chosen one to play as the first Dj after Dr.Motte’s (creator of LoveParade) speech on July 10th 1999. His Dj set started with his own remix of the anthem and continued with his latest productions

called “Revolution”, “Batucada Nro.3”, all of them included in his following album called “Dj Dero ­ MIllenium 5”. In September of that year and for the first time, Buenos Aires had a party in the streets similar to the LoveParade, and DJ Dero was chosen to close this mega event before 200,000 people.

In the year 2000, Dj Dero released worldwide all his productions through a joint venture with the dance label Strictly Rhythm. His new productions included the mega hits “Euforia” and “Mayday”, among several others, all of them part of his latest album “Dj Dero 6 Euforia”, which was introduced in March at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Later in 2000 he played at MayDay Festival (Dortmund-Germany) for more than 30,000 people, the MayDay track he produced with Germay’s living legend Westbam marks the definitive coming to age of Dj Dero’s trademark sound, “Electrosamba”, which blends techno-electro beats and latin percussion elements, combined in a very unique way that makes people dance all around the globe. Nowadays his work in the studio and clubs are accompanied by his radio show “Dj Dero in the mix” on the dance Station X4 FM 106.7.

In 2001, a new track called “Tuk Tak” pushed that sound even further, being played by top Dj’s from different countries. The video for this single was filmed in the island of Ibiza in the club Eden during Judge Jules famous Judgment Sundays. The track has been released in Spain by Vale Music, in the Uk by Serious/ Universal, in USA by Strictly Rhythm, in Germany by Low Spirit, in France by Scorpio Music, in Benelux by Warner, in Asia by Avex and in South America by BMG.

In the year 2002 Dj Dero released his 7 album called “Electrolatino” that included the hit singles “Do the Tango”, “Revolution 03” remixed by Robbie Rivera and “Buenos Aires 07”. He played again in LoveParade Berlin and in MayDay Polonia, plus made more than 140 Dj Gigs around South America, Europe and USA launching his new LP and hit tracks.

During 2003 the South American pioneer of electronic music planned a gigantic World Tour for the support of his international release of his album “Revolution 07” where Dero’s face is transformed into another of Argentina’s idols ‘Che Guevara’. His Revolution 07 World Tour started in the Winter Music Conference in Miami, then LoveParade Mexico, MayDay Germany and gigs all around Spain and South America.