Top 50k on The DJ List

Derek Fisher

Portland, United States

Electronica, Techno


Born in Glasgow, Derek doesn’t really remember a time when he wasn’t listening to music. His earliest memories include listening to seminal musical blockbusters such as Popeye The Sailor Man, the Alice In Wonderland Soundtrack, and Peter And The Wolf. The 70’s Glam melded into Zeppelin and progressive rock, exploded into Punk in ’76 when he started skipping high school to be a sound engineer/roady with several Scottish Punk Bands. At the end of the ‘70s/early ‘80s he followed the New Romantics, drifted into synth and power pop, then techno and “The Sound Of Sheffield” kept the energy going until he became unglued by the Madchester/Acid House eruptions of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. During this time he pretty much ended up living at the legendary Sub Club..

Moving to the states in ’94, he found the club scene radically different and attended few parties, preferring to infiltrate house parties with import CDs collected on his trips back home to the UK or Europe, while squatting at Portlands infamous Satyricon.

At the turn of the millennium he decided that a couple of decks and a mixer might be a bit of a ‘larf and the chance at last to participate again in music after a hiatus of almost 25 years. Things do tend to go in circles and nowadays he’s as likely to be heard playing Gary Glitter, Big Audio Dynamite or the Average White Band, as he is Kill Memory Crash, Ascii Disco or Planet Funk. He and partner the perfect cyn formed Spandecks Syndicate with the mission to cause trouble and bring their ADD addled mix of electro, techno, disco trash to unsuspecting venues all over the States. They joined forces with DJ Recess and DJ Misha in Seattle to bring Shameless to The Emerald City and he has never been happier. He’s a Leo, likes long walks on the beach and taunting hippies. He would like to say “thank you” to John Peel and Johnny Walker (the DJ!!).