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Der E Kreisel

House, Techno

Powder & Louder, Spoiler, We Are Playtime
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Der E-Kreisel

Whoever thought that there are no more roads left untaken in popular music and any ambition to invent is a dead end, Der E-Kreisel will prove those wrong.

Mirco Bernhard aka Der E-Kreisel has been cooking up his own varieties of ‘Techno-House-New Wave-Pop-Phantasien’, and likes to serve them without compromise on dancefloors worthy of his madness.

For about ten years Mirco Bernhard has been a fixture in the Berlin Club scene. As a producer, drummer and universal mixing talent he shows no fear of contact with a wide variety of musical genres. This, by necessity has lead him on eclectic adventures in music making, continuously crossing borders while taking with him whatever he sees fit for his own productions.

For Mirco Bernhard, a Berlin transplant by choice, the journey began not as Der E-Kreisel but under his then-moniker “Micro B” and a remix of a track called “End Of Line” by German Hardcore band “Ryker”. When in 2003 his track “die Spaetfolgen” garnered wide recognition in the club scene, Der E-Kreisel quickly became a fixture in Berlin’s night clubs and was also scheduled to play large-scale events such as the Mayday. Remix requests from German indie pop darlings Rosenstolz, electro princess Mia (Zirkus’) and the band Ohrboten (‘Man Lebt Nur Zweimal’) came pouring in and Der E-Kreisel quickly followed suit to introduce his sound to a larger audience.

A well balanced symbiosis of song and dancefloor friendly elements became his trademark and it is indeed rare to remix German pop classics such as Klaus Lage’s “1000 und 1 Nacht” followed by a remix for Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”, and have both remixes work equally well despite a world of differences between the two tracks. Such is the quirky genius of Der E-Kreisel.

But creative people need new frontiers and a new frontier Der E-Kreisel found in Asia. Thailand and Cambodia specifically, where he started collaborating with Sofie O. and Eric D. Clark. But it was not after the release of “Call Me A Bitch” and another Mia remix ("Mein Freund’) before finally relocating to Phnom Penh City to bring his own brand of Berlin informed dancefloor science to the clubs of his new home base with occasional sets in Bankok, Singapur, Kuala Lumpur.

Fast forward to the present, Der E-Kreisel’s heart yearned for the BPM of Berlin once again and he returned to the capital to reopen shop. With his latest single “Is It All” Der E-Kreisel proves once more that he knows how to produce highly addictive dancefloor-worthy music that defies preconceived notions of do’s and don’ts.

Mirco Bernhard aka Der E-Kreisel will not give away the secret to his strangely fresh, daring and original take on dance music but he will let you taste it.

And a tiny taste, is all you need to get started.

Born and raised on the dancefloor. From the dancefloor to the mainstage. From the mainstage in the background. From the background to the box.