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Deo begun DJ-ing back in mid-90’s, spinning techno and trance at college parties, although collecting records and playing them out at house parties in the neighborhood he started out as a child. Following the electronic music since the early days of Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre, Space, Alan Parson’s Project and many more, have thus defined his taste in music.

Deo doesn’t limit his performance to one specific music genre, but rather pushes all known limits to keep the energy flowing and crowd pumped. From smooth, liquid-like flowing opening sets, to bass-throbbing provocative, sexually overcharged and explicit sets during prime-hour, to relaxing, calm-inducing morning sets – Deo has got it all. “Old-schoolah for every occasion” he describes himself as, although many know him as “Heavyweight Funk Soul Brother operating with surgical precision”. Having over 15 years behind his belt, and having played at biggest and baddest venues and events across the European and American continents, Deo continues his never-ending, nomadic journey of delivering the sounds he loves the most.