Top 5k on The DJ List


Wausau, United States

House, Techno

AKA: The Wreck Kid


Josh Renner (aka denot5/tHe wReCk KiD) is a 30 yr old musician from Wisco (Wisconsin) USA. Josh started playing guitar at the age of 11 with his best friend. The two of them started an outfit called Psychedelic Nitemare (hard rock/punk band), Josh was around 15 yrs of age when the band was completely formed. The band fell apart in 97 due to differences of opinion within the outfit. In 99 Josh went to his first “rave” where he was first introduced to the “underground” sound and he soon acquired an addiction for that sound. In mid 99 he started to buy up all of the “Drop Bass” style acid he could find and got turned on to the London sound (smitten, stay up forever, etc) by some friends of his in the scene around that time. He now spins everything from deep trance to hardcore but his passions are still rooted in Hard Acid & Techno!

Josh has played all over the Midwest and is looking to expand his touring all over the globe.

Josh has been called “The skinny white Carl Cox”, you’d have to be the judge when it comes to such labels.