Dena Beatport


Dena has been spinning for 18 years. In that time, she has gained respect and an incredible reputation as one of the very best.

Dena has held the title of Billboard Reporter for many years. She was chosen for her impeccable reputation and incredible ability as a DJ to break new music to her audience. Becoming a Billboard Reporter is a tremendous honor and it entitles a lot of dedicated/honest work….representing the Providence Dance Music scene is very important to her.

On the dance floor, Dena will tear you up! She feeds off her crowd’s energy, so the more you’re into it…the hotter she’ll be! She’s got a unique style that includes tribal, vocal house and even a little hip hop on occasion.

Dena also produces her own music. “The Music” was signed to Nervous Records NYC. Her remix of “I’m Done” by King Brain pres. NIC went to number 14 on the Billboard dance Chart and she has just completed a remix of “Juicy” for Better Than Ezra which is due for release this month. Keep an open ear for her newest tracks which includes the much talked about remix of Madonna’s “Frozen”.