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Demian Muller was born in 1984 in Vina del Mar. His father, Ricardo Muller, is the owner of “Captain Tutix”, Club that in 1997 took place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

At the Age of 19, Demian opened a new kind of Club in Playa del Carmen, with a brand new concept at the time. This Club was Lumpax (Music Land in Mayan`s lenguaje).

For Lumpax first season, Demian contact a known Dj in his Country to play in it, Cesar “Bass” Romero, winner of 2003 Heineken Contest, and along with Bass and his best friend Dj TiTuS made Lumpax the best Electronic Club in Playa del Carmen in 2004.

Demian also owns a unique kind of Club in Mexico; it’s called “Alux”. This is a Natural Cavern and it’s also located in Playa del Carmen.

In Lumpax and Alux he had worked with lots of Mexican’s known Djs like Imeca’s No 1 Dj Shine and Xaca.

He also worked with Randall Jones, who taught him lots about the Music Industry, and maintains strong friendship.

Nowdays Demian it’s working in a new Studio in Chile along with Dj TiTuS hoping one day to release a brand new style in the Industry.