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London, United Kingdom

Tech House

AKA: Toby Flowers, S.O.S.

Dutchie Music
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“A desire to create a positively sonic experience. To deliver a body of music that can connect with the spirit; that’s my ultimate goal….and from this high. come down, see clearer and maybe just maybe get your own shit together”

Handpicked by Danny Tenaglia back in 2002 to play at his infamous Be Yourself parties on the strength of a mixtape (at a time when mixes were still on tape), Demi’s renown instincts as a DJ became evident from then..

Demi’s career has flourished and endured through the rapid changing times of our club culture and continues to endear to all that come across the path of this effervescent personality.

His pedigree as a touring DJ is proven. He has performed at some of the world’s prestigious venues, invited to play alongside some of the most revered names in the industry as a relative newcomer to the scene over ten years ago. And lest forget the Deeper Substance parties he curated and embedded into the London scene between 2001-2004 that planted the seed for him to grow.

Add to this the milestone achievement of a Radio One Essential Mix with the SOS project; Two critically acclaimed SOS compilations ‘Balance 013’ & ‘Ministry of SOund presents SOS’; two timeless pieces demonstrating musical synergy at its force, and forever etching its mark on dance music’s legacy. Along with his debut mix compilation ‘Sounds like Alola Volume 2’, the years of relentless touring and performing were demonstrated with an astonishing sonic collage of the seminal deep house label ‘Alola Record’s rich back catalogue. Piecing the past, present and future together, this body of work is a true testament to the natural approach to his beliefs of the DJ artform, and thus provides a sensational compilation in response to Omid 16B’s confidence.

Whether flying solo or with the SOS project , one senses that all his achievements and milestones so far reached are just part of a bigger story to unfold.

All these monumental elements have nurtured the last few years spent in the studio, dedicated to mastering the expression of extension of the self through music. Sketches and sonic experimentations amassed over the years continue to evolve in the highest possible manner.

More recently, the revolutionary heads at Native Instruments have featured a sample pack of sounds of one of DEmi’s forthcoming original works for the launch of the F1 controller for the acclaimed Traktor 2.5 software. Native Instruments have also released 2 tutorial videos using snips of the track itself called ‘No1Else’, forthcoming in late 2013.

The past is the future of the present. Not seduced by what is current but by what could be. A body of work now finally coming to fruition. A patient release of music for the senses & the dancefloor.

Sponsored and armed by industry giants such as Pioneer and Native Instruments, Demi’s journey continues to give what you want, not what you expect.