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Toronto, Canada

Electro House, Open Format

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DJ Delirious was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He first rose to prominence at the young age of 15 where he teamed up with his cousin to start DJing. Just after a week, his cousin left while DJ Delirious felt the passion and energy stimulated from the music. He continued unknowing that this was his calling in life.

His ambition for DJing was sparked with the support of his local communities and friends laying out the foundation for his career. DJ Delirious began to reveal his talents at House parties and Armenian community functions. In 1998, DJ Delirious’s name spread internationally through his remixes spreading via internet leading to local radio stations wondering who this new young talent was. The radio is the medium in which DJ Delirious was able to expose his talents to a mass audience. His first live radio show from a nightclub was held at one of the hottest nightspots in Toronto at the time, Rumours nightclub, on Kiss92 where he DJed alongside Kiss 92’s Kid Carson. The radio was consistently DJ Delirious’s outlet for exposure till he practically was synonymous for the weekend’s live to airs on two radio stations. Inevitably, DJ Delirious found himself on one stage, at one club, but performing live to air’s for three different radio stations. This makes him one of only two DJs in the Toronto area to DJ on three of Toronto’s top radio stations; Z103.5, Flow 93.5, and Kiss 92.5. These three radio stations truly are the demonstration of DJ Delirious’s work across the spectrum of music allowing him to spin Dance, House, Hip-hop, to Top 40. Truly, his talent has reached the demands of the mass media giving him mainstream success. His talents have spread throughout more than 50 of the hottest nightspots in Toronto including legendary clubs such as Club 108, Berlin, Palazzo and Joker. He even DJed alongside some of the biggest names in the dance music industry including Alice Deejay, ATC, Lil Suzy & Rockell. Given the many aspects of his talents, DJ Delirious worked alongside Hip-hop artist Juelz Santana as well during his concert at Joker Nightclub. He is mesmerizing his audiences with his versatility and fulfillment of the crowd’s wants and needs through his innovative spinning. His driving enthusiasm is what keeps himself exceeding and setting his own standards. DJ Delirious?s relentless passion is what keeps him still striving on to his ambitious dream to cover all parts of the globe in the forthcoming years.