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Deliriant is the solo project of Shane Renew, 25, from South Africa. With a love and passion for music since childhood, over ten years of DJ experience (many alongside international psy trance legends) and five on the production side, a multitude of global releases, as well as an advanced diploma in sound engineering – his debut album was released on Shift & Slug’s label, Nexus Media, in September 2009, and was well received by critics, fans and dance floors worldwide. Following on from the successful “Chemistry”, his second album, “Miracle Cure”, was released two years later, and delivers an enchanting, energy packed, ride through a twilight psy dance floor. Evident when listening is not only top notch production, but also a deep understanding of how to move dancers from the inside. Deliriant provides the listener with a little taste of clarity and streamlined minimalism, yet without too dramatic a change the mood is pushed forward into a pulsating psychedelic mélange, riddled with exciting sounds, clever drops, neat builds, driving basslines, soaring leads, and epic pads. Influences from Shift, Absolum, Azax, Domestic, Pitch Hikers and more can clearly be heard, but they are never too dominant; there is always a unique edge that is definitely the sound of Deliriant: hard and driving, while still maintaining a melodic feel. It is intelligent in structure, and contains minimalist elements of glitch and techno. Expect dark atmospheres, powerful leads, intense breakdowns and an always solid groove. This is music from the future – watch this space.

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