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Just signed to Needle Gruv Records, her first licensed CD, "BREAKING WAVES"- mixed LIVE with longtime partner and better half DJ Momentum, is said to hit stores soon! The C... read more
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Just signed to Needle Gruv Records, her first licensed CD, “BREAKING WAVES”- mixed LIVE with longtime partner and better half DJ Momentum, is said to hit stores soon! The CD features tracks by EDM legends Icey, Scratch-D of Dynamix II, BassBin Twins, Johnny Cage, MaLicious Mike, Project Mayhem along with several unreleased/released original and remixed tracks.

In the past few years, she earned a spot on the OAKLEY promotional tour and was the first and ONLY female artist signed to the well known Florida record label and a KALEIDOSCOPE ALL STAR. She has taken the underground breaks world by storm, even hosted her very own Friday night radio show on the infamous BREAKS FM. With two vinyl presses to date and three records set to hit stores early this spring, 2006 is the year she will elevate her to superstar status.

Her slammin’ beatz and smooth mixes are not to be missed. This young breakster spent most of her time kickin’ it up in the underground scene. She was a familiar face on the dance-floor in clubs such as Ahhzz, Firestone, JJ Whispers-Cloud 9, The Edge, Infinity and Ultra Violet. Her love for music shined through her skills on the dance floor. It was inevitable that she would move from the center floor to the DJ booth. Her love for Breakbeats blossomed as she felt the rhythm set by DJ’s such as Icey, Tony Faline and Sharaz, and her long time favorites Rob-E and Friction n’ Spice. With some helpful hints and months of practice, she released her first promo CD, just in time for 2000’s annual Winter Music Conference in Miami.

DJ Delicious Groove emerged and her style was unmistakable; ghetto funky breaks with a twist of nu’ skool. Her selection of music keeps the dance floor packed and the vibe going. It doesn’t stop there, you can tell she is in the groove, with her hands high in the air and smooth mixes, she ignites the crowd. No wonder this girl has hit the scene so fast and doesn’t plan on stopping.

Soon after WMC, she landed her first gig at a local club “Knight-Lights” in March 2000, and a break at the infamous club CyberZone. As a club promoter turned DJ, it was easy for Delicious Groove to make her mark early in her first year. She went on to play all the major Florida events such as CYBERFEST-Florida Convention Center, in Melbourne (Cool World Productions), ZEN FESTIVAL 2000-Bicentenial Park, in Miami(Zen-Fest Productions), MOVEMENT FESTIVAL-The Ice Palace, in Tampa(UFO Productions) and FIRST SUNRISE 2002 & 2003-The Plaza Resort and Spa, in Daytona Beach; the states largest NYE BASH

In a very short time she has headlined across the country, and is now one of the most sought after female U.S. DJ’s in Electronic Music. Being a Breaks DJ, the first place to conquer was the Sunshine State-Florida. She has played almost every club on the peninsula. She has enthralled audiences from Louisiana to Arizona, breaking it down in New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Colorado, with fellow female superstar DJs Rap, MEA, Irene, Sandra Collins, 10 Sui, Keri, Annalyze, Jen Lasher and BabyAnne.

She has hit the decks along side the notorious SNOOP DOGG and acclaimed artists such as DJs Icey, Rennie Pilgram, Hyper, Huda Hudia, Fixx, and Uberzone. She has graced the stage with distinguished groups such as Run DMC, Blues Travelers, Method Man, Cypress Hill, Soul Asylum, Rabbit in the Moon, Prophecy Collective and the originators of bass heavy broken beats, The Electro Pioneers-Dynamix II and Jackal & Hyde, while playing the largest musical gatherings in the southeastern part of the US.

Residing in Washington DC last year enabled this breakbeat diva to inch her way up the east coast, banging beats in Philadelphia, Toledo, and even Canada. Currently planting her feet in San Francisco, she is shaking up the west coast and making waves. Bringing the Florida funk to the B-BOY masters of the west side, she’s been keeping the speakers bumpin’ and the floor jumpin’!


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