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Born in 1982, very young is attracted to the music, and that his family has several musicians, most serious influence his grandfather who was a serious pianist and teacher who introduced him to this music.For a while his grandfather tries to study music theory, which denies all the time. At first, his musical tastes are varied, and since childhood his parents bought him his first vinyl from artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson and other groups in the late 80’s and early 90’s.Among the variety that listens, you begin to attract the music of bands like Kraftwerk, Front 242, Nizer Ebb, Depeche Mode, etc …. Electronic sound that catches your eye.With the emergence of this new electronic sound, which was eventually roll-in new styles such as Acid- House and Trance is when interest begins to electronic music.Start listening to specialized programs such as the legendary show “It’s Your Time” and “Dance Ten.” Then he discovers the figure of the DJ and decide what you want done.With about 14 years gets its first team to punch, as is young can not afford to buy records and must often borrow a friend who is Dj to practice at home. With the weather starts to work while studying, which allows you to buy more music.With 16 years and with the help of friends begins to organize his first parties and start playing at numerous raves and local east of Madrid. With 18 years and one of his best friends, get a room Royal Field where they begin to perform a multitude of parties under the name “Empire” and that the problems unrelated to eventually have to leave.In 2004 sets up his own shop in Madrid Vinyl, which was not very good and here discover a client via their new vocation “the production of electronic music.” From here is a link to Madrid and organizing local celebrations possible.Enter the group of Sergio Castilla Xpansive where it gets bowling around the outskirts of Madrid until the dissolution of the collective. It is at this moment that focuses exclusively on producing their music.It creates a small studio where he began his first baseman has created, but does not see things right. Contact is when Angel Sanchez, which will impart lessons electronic music production, which led him to obtain a good knowledge of electronic music production. From this point begins to publish your posts in Digital labels as Bdivision, CE Records, 24 Bit, Poker Dust, Progressive Records, etc … With over 100 items on the market and with a very own style dominated electrical sockets dark sounds and sounds “Glitch”.He currently heads his own label Kan Records, which was released in September 2011 and now has 10 references in the market. It is also the Manager of the seals and 24 Bit Bdivision Mannarini Roby.He is currently a component of the SuperHero group, with which host parties throughout the downtown area of Madrid. A performed in venues such as; Palenque (Arganda del Rey, Madrid), After Kyu (Torrejon, Madrid), Boss Room (Rivas, Madrid), Specka (Madrid, Madrid), Groove (Pinto, Madrid), Dome (Estremera. Madrid), Terrace Sarao (Illiescas, Toledo), La Terraza (Malaga), Maui Club (Madrid), Synth Meeting (Cádiz), etc. ……..