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Berlin, Germany


Digital Music, Dirt Crew, Girl Scout
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Dekay aka Danny Kotz, who is native Jerusalem , Berlin based deep house and techno producer celebrated his debut in spring of 2009 in a famous scene bar in the heart of kreuzberg, called luzia. This first Live appearance brought him immediately succes, and Dekay got up the first step through becomming resident of Luzia, with many eyes and ears on his music. Just in the same year he played his deep live act in the leading clubs and parties of berlins multilayer underground.

Not much time passed, and Dekay started to release his music on many different labels in Berlin. His co production „Early Morning“ with Elie Eidelmann and his track „Call me shemesh“ got selected by Break3000 and James Flavour´s Label Dirt Crew Recordings and they put the tracks on their „5 vears anniversary´s fine compilation“. This brought him the honor, to publish a LP with international majors like Til von Sein and Tiger Skin.

For the following year Dekay kept on releasing, remixing and collaborating with artists such as OFF Recordings head Andre Crom , Elie Eidelman and Guitar Player Nunu which with him he produced his last Debut ‘Farewell To Planet Earth’ on Dirt Crew Recordings. Tracks and remixes has also appeared on labels such as OFFspin and Girl Scout from Berlin, Fortek from the Neatherlands, Bullet:doge from Ireland, Terrence Parker’s; Parker Music Works from Chicago and Cosmic Cowboys’s Kina Limited from Italy.


Mikita Same Faces (Magit Cacoon and Dekay Remix) – Ponton Music

Andre Boganov – Arabica (Dekay Remix) – Schallbox Platen

Magit Cacoon And Dekay Remixes for Porcupine Tree – Girl Scout