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Brussels, Belgium

House, Techno

Deg Beatport


Born in 1972 in Brussels, Dj Deg was influenced at an early age by the music played by his parents. His mother was teaching modern jazz dance while his father was a maths & computer science teacher.

As a teenager, with the rise of Zx Spectrum and the Commodore 64 he got bitten by the early electronic sounds of computergames. At the time he was without a doubt the biggest fan of Martin Galway and Rob Hubbard.

Deg really began as a deejay at the end of the 80’s, mixing up “New Beat”, “Chicago Jacks” and “AB sounds”. His first dj gigs were at school parties. Afterwards he organised with his friends, Brussels’ first underground parties. He was one of the first Belgium dj’s to play the new genre : TECHNO.

In 1990 he already built himself a solid reputation : he was given residencies in forward thinking clubs like Mauna Kea and Borsalino, playing along the way in temples like : Boccaccio, Globe, Barocci, La Rocca …

He was one of the co-founders of “BWP Experiments” together with D-Jack, Mike DMA and Sebastian S (afterwards joined by Little Pat, Seal Phüric and Acid Kirk …).

Deg was an active member Of BWP, a collective with one goal : promote “Techno”, educate the public and acquire a bigger audience for Techno.

In 1992, Deg became the main resident for “The Rave Explosion”. The Rave explosion were the first parties featuring artists like : Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Leo Anibaldi, DJ Hell, Blake Baxter, Daniel “DBX” Bell, Luke Slater and many other techno legends…

During this period , Deg was playing all over Europe in events like one of the first Mayday editions, Techno Club in (Frankfurt Airport ), Gasometer, Invaders (First Rave in Paris) , …

Deg played many times at the legendary PK Studio parties, marking the start of the Acid music revival and Industrial Uk sounds (Rephlex, Warp, Evolution …).

In 1995 he became, together with Psychogene, resident of Brussels’ “Network” club. He played there with Electric Indigo, Tom Middleton, The Advent, Sensurreal, Underground Resistance…

1997, he became shopmanager of the influential BCM recordshop (later: Music Man) in Brussels, and at the same time he joined the resident team of mythical techno club FUSE.

As producer he released several records and remixes on major Belgium labels : Music man, Re-load, USA Import, Atom rec, Lightning Records, Elypsia. He’s behind many clubs anthems which were licenced by : Dance Ecstasy 2001 (PCP) , Industrial Strengh (USA) , Flying Records (ITA) , …

After more than 20 years of deejaying , he’s still a true music lover with attitude and he perpetuate his vision of the Sonic revolution.