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Dee Zee Jay

Nis, Serbia


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Born on of July 1985. in Nish (Serbia)

Shows interest in music in his early youth. In his 13th, he got introduced in the world of electronic music and fell in love with it right away. His first “DJ performance” in his 17th took place at his friend’s private party. In August 2006 he had his first official performance in a small local club.

Later on, he joined “InputMusic” crew, as their 4t

h member, whose goal was to promote, preserve and expand techno culture in south Serbia. After series of successful events in that region, at the end of 2008th, the crew fell apart and DZJ decides to move on his way.

In summer 2009, he was given a residency in a club “Brod” in which he continues with promoting of techno culture, also giving visitors the opportunity to find out, via presented documentary movies on this subject, how this musical genre was created and developed. Later, in the second part of the night, through his and sets of his DJ guests, he shows how the techno sound has evolved to the present time.

Almost at the same time, he switched from analog to digital mix-technique, replaced turntables with a software and still uses all of it’s numerous possibilities and advantages to this day.

In 2010. his mixes were played on the world internet radio stations like “Pure.FM”, “Frisky Radio”, “Fnoob”, as well as local "Koncept radio” and “Encoder radio”. In the same year he was booked at both of his home town music festivals. Second night of “E-fortress” music festival was most unfortunately been canceled, but few days later, he had an opening set (also the second night) on “NISOMNIA 2010” music festival. In late November of the same year, an cooperation between Alexandar Milic and DZJ was formalized under the name “TEHNOLOZI”, and soon they had a very successful event which was supported by .B.A.U.K. team and club “Base”.

“Infected” with sounds of DJs and producers such as: Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Umek, Eric Sneo, Mauro Picotto etc. starts creating music style of his own. He is characterized by deep, hard and a bit trippy sound… In one word: TECHNO