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Colin Cameron Allrich (Colin C./Deeptone/Slighter/The Pushers) passion for electronic music spawned from his early grasp of 808 State, John Rocca and Orbital, to his current love of breaks and progressive beats. Working for one of Los Angeles longest running dance record stores (DMC Records), Colin was able to put his knowledge to good use as the Progressive voice of the store for its final two years.

A producer and DJ, Colin blurs the edges between sounds and ideas. Mixing up hard-edged Progressive with heavy Breaks and spaced out grooves, he’s a force to be reckoned with on the decks. His sounds are infecting people across the country, from his home state of Massachusetts to Los Angeles — gracing the floors of The Highlands, Grand Avenue Ballroom, The Knitting Factory, CALARTS, The Apple Store and Groove Fitness. Colin also held a weekly residency at the Larchmont/Martini Lounge playing along side Doran, Nicolas Bennison, Kris B, and Nosmo (Grayarea). Colin’s mixes have also been featured on XM Radio’s “The Move” XM 80 and Friskyradio.

As a producer, Colin has been writing music for different solo and collaborative projects for nearly ten years. Previously his Industrial band, Bad Morning After, helped spark his interest in electronic instruments and production. Since then Colin has built a collection of Progressive House/Trance projects and has been working as Deeptone over the past 3 years. He has also turned to his industrial roots with his new Break-beat work as Slighter.

“Over the past 9 years, all the stuff I’ve done has led up to these new projects. I try to take everything that’s influenced me in the past, from Karl Hyde to Martin Atkins, and bring it into this new work”.

Colin is gaining support from DJ’s & producers all over the world, including Zimbardo (Piliavin & Zimbardo), James Harcourt & Eve Falcon, as well as turning the heads of industry staples Hector Romero (SAW Records) and Cass (Cass & Slide). His thunderous Break-beat remix of the classic Stage One by John Quivver Graham garnered the attention of Lost Language (the sister label of the infamous Hooj Choons), as well as Heavy Rotation, who will be releasing Colin’s original work in Autumn 2005. Colin’s work can also be heard in his latest Tribal Progressive guise The Pushers which can be heard on Red & Blue’s new label Adjust Recordings. At 23, Colin has only just begun to expose the talent and drive that will help shape the future of electronic dance music.