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AKA: Deepswing

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Eric Wikman is the owner of Generate Music and Deepswing Productions… Deepswing is his most well known production name for dance music productions and international DJing. His music style is a mixture of “Soulful, Jazzy, Gospel & Disco House” which is also known as “the disco of today”.

Based on the west coast of the United States, in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles is home to this label, production studio and Global Groove music publishing company. Deepswing was started in 1995, in Los Angeles, when Eric and then originating partner, James Donaldson put out the first “Deepswing” release on Kult Records out of NYC. (In 2003 JD moved on to start Big D Records and his own music production company).

The name of “Deepswing” began after Eric wrote a review in a local LA scene magazine for a song produced by Grant Nelson describing the feeling that was so “deep” with an infectious “swing” to it.

The music that influenced this production company included sounds from the original House music producers in Chicago (Hot Mix 5) & New York, along with current ones like Soulfuric, Joey Negro, Steve Silk, Mousse T, Grant Nelson, DJ Disciple, Sandy Rivera, Knee Deep, Masters at Work, Blaze, Basement Boys, Grant Nelson to name just a few of them. Of course the sounds of disco, funk, gospel, R&B and every type of music listened to while growing up had a major impact on how songs and music were written. With this background, all the productions project feelings with a positive and uplifting message.

In the past, Eric Wikman has produced under alias names such as Jazz Transit for Soulfuric Recordings, Sunkids for Yellorange Records, Dept. of Soul for Roger Sanchez / Narcotic Records and released tracks for labels like Urban Motion Project, Soulshine Recordings, Kult Records, Global Groove for Champion Records-UK along with many others.

The years of hard work started to pay off at the 1999 Winter Music Conference under the name of Sunkids, with the song “Rescue Me” featuring Chance and her powerful voice which sounds like Aretha Franklin. This song was released on legendary Tony Humphries label “Yellorange” and was remixed by the hit producer “Little Louie Vega and Masters at Work”. Tony & Little Louie introduced “Rescue Me” at the famous “Magic Sessions” in Miami and it was talked about being the “hit of the conference”. The very next year 2000 Winter Music Conference “Yellorange” released the follow up song featuring Chance with “Rise Up” along with remixes by Teddy Douglas – Basement Boys (Crystal Waters fame) & Cricco Castelli. Once again, another hit track! “Rise Up” went on to become a favorite all over the world and placed a spot in Paramount Pictures major motion picture “Sum of all Fears” starring Ben Affleck & Morgan Freeman.

Eric also owns Generate Music, the record label that started in June 2000. After releasing numerous tracks through other record labels, building a reputation and realizing that the majority of the successful producers ran their own companies, it was time to start a “boutique” label and thus Generate Music was born.

The start of this new record label began with the release of a huge hit “In the Music”, that was picked up by Time/Rise in Italy. Not only did this song head straight to #1 all over Europe it also gave Deepswing the opportunity to film a music video for MTV Europe in Milan and on the French Riviera. This song was also included in the DreamWorks major motion picture “The Tuxedo” starring Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Apart from “In The Music” there have been other compositions such as “Takin Me Higher”, “I Promise You”, “Shelter” (featuring Xavior), “I Am Somebody”, “Let’s Do This”, “We’re Going up!”, “It’s All Right”, “Take Me To The Disco”, “I’m A Believer” (featuring Donna Washington) , “Diva” & “Freedom” (featuring Chance and “Love Is”) featuring LA Radio personality Kristi Lomax. The combination of joyful energy and strong track releases have propelled Deepswing into being one of the hottest production companies n the house music genre and building a label that people can count on for strong quality releases.

On the side of remixes, Eric (Deepswing) is able to add a comparable list that includes Jamiraquoi’s “Main Vein” on Sony UK, Kristine Was “Feel What you Want”, Michael Procter’s “Angel” and some Eddie Amador tracks to name just a few of them.

Another aspect of Deepswing has been DJing in major cities all over the world like Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, France, Greece, Canada, and of course in the USA. This is where Eric finds most of the inspiration and important feedback from the crowds on the dance floor around the world for his next productions. Also, for the last several years Eric has guest DJ mixshows on Radio Italia Network “El E Noir” Italy and Radio One Norway with Espen Wiik, The Slammin Show in Manchester UK.

So far, Eric has co-worked and released approximately 70 remixes and original tracks on various labels and Generate music and he has released several solo tracks… Along with these tracks and DJing all over the world, his production company and label help keep the love alive in House Music and people grooving on the dance floors.