Deep Space Beatport


Since he was young, DeepSpace (real name Sebastien Couturier) was into electronic music. At the time he was too young to be able to obtain his first real DJ Equipment, but as soon he was old enough he went to the store to continue his dream!

Before 1995, he was 12 years old and he was listening to local DJs mixes and he was amazed by this different kind of music. He was mixing in his bedroom with 2 radios some old classics like Technotronics etc… He was not really that much into “underground” music because he didn’t had access to it.

At that time, he was already making his own techno music with a MOD Tracker (old timers will know what it was); it was an old midi tracker. That was not really professional but he did make some great songs (some of them were planned to be used into one of the Quake add-on). At the time, he was around 14 years old.

With the years, he discovered more and more about this kind of music, He slowly went into a more “professional” part of his DJ Career.

In 2000, he was 17 years old and played in front of his first public. He will remember this experience for all his life. During this time he got the chance to play at many great places in Quebec, Canada and his dream continue…

In 2001 He joined a local production called DB5 Production to help them into party organization / Promoting.

In 2002, this alliance ended due to the request by more active productions to get DeepSpace with them, and he went with Trance-Nrg Production (

He is currently working on some production projects, but nothing has been launched yet.