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Valletta, Malta


Bermudos, Emote Music, Lowbit
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Deepfunk aka Trebon

At the age of 24, this Maltese Dj and Producer already has several releases under his belt with alter ego “Deepfunk” for his deep and melodic music and “Trebon” which he uses for his own brand of underground minimal beats.

Over the past few years, Malcolm has garnered attention for this extremely diverse and genre crossing studio efforts. “Discotronic” was the first track to introduce him in the local scene by being featured on Dj Ruby’s Pure Malta CD Compilation. Just a few months after, he signed up five tracks with Italian Labels, Stranamente Music and Superbia Records. Another track with the name of ‘Transitions" was released in September 2007 with Emote Music in the US, shortly after his tracks were already getting played by Djs from all across the dance music spectrum. Everyone from Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa to Thomas Penton and Nick Warren have all included Deepfunk’s productions in their sets. Cattaneo has also featured the track “Transitions” in his world famous Metro 95.1 Radio Show in December 2007 and other tracks have also been featured in guest mixes by international artists on proton radio. He had also been invited multiple times as a guest Dj on one of the most listened internet radio station in the UK, Pulse Radio. Malcolm even hit 2nd place in the “best selling chart” on 3beatrecords with “Pain Killing Pills”.

In April 2009 Deepfunk got contacted by one of the early pioneers in the UK club scene, Norman H, dj, promoter and Stripped Records label Manager, wanting to sign ten of Deepfunk’s tracks on two E.P’s. Also got requested to remix Nomad in the dark’s “Attia” which then ended up doing another remix for “Neriya” which will be release in early 2010. Remixed an Onionz track and Norman H own re-release “Wrapped in Plastic” which is having support from Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Dubfunk. Some important gigs were playing alongside artists like James Holden, Guy J, Nathan Fake, Wesley Matsell and Sasha.

Some other forthcoming releases includes an E.P under the name of Trebon on Revolucion Records and other tracks and remixes by Deepfunk on Piemont, Segment, Whartone and Stripped will be released in early 2010.

Malcolm keeps himself constantly emerged in the world of electronic music, in the studio, and DJing with both old and new technology, and listening to a wide variety of music to better his sound. Not only impressing his crowd with his productions, he also manages to deliver mind blowing live performances and DJ sets using Ableton Live for instant editing and various hardware live jamming, using bits and pieces from different tracks, making it sound unique in every set.

Surely the next step for Malcolm will be finishing his debut album, which will be launched by the end of this year. With an ever-expanding career and zest for pushing electronic music forward, Malcolm is definitely one to watch in 2010


Released Tracks:

Malcolm Abdilla – Pain Killing Pills (Revolucion)

Deepfunk – Transitions (Emote Music)

Deepfunk – Default (Stranamente Music)

Deepfunk – Spirits (Superbia Records)

Deepfunk – Retro Electornica (Superbia Records)

Deepfunk – Sleepless Nights (Superbia Records)

Deepfunk – Process (Superbia Records)

Deepfunk – The Night Before (Revolucion)

Deepfunk – La Ceiba (Stripped Recordings) (Replicat E.P)

Deepfunk – Replicat (Stripped Recordings) (Replicat E.P)

Deepfunk – What You Might Know (Stripped Recordings) (Replicat E.P)

Deepfunk – Weird Things Do (Stripped Recordings) (Replicat E.P)

Forthcoming Releases:

Deepfunk – Midnight Sushi (Stripped Recordings) (City Lights E.P)

Deepfunk – Narcotics (Deepfunk’s Late Nite Mix) (Stripped Recordings) (City Lights E.P)

Deepfunk – Across The Border Fits The Community (Stripped Recordings) (City Lights E.P)

Deepfunk – Astral Flight (Stripped Recordings) (City Lights E.P)

Deepfunk – Seconds (Stripped Recordings) (City Lights E.P)

Deepfunk – Cognitive Science (Stripped Recordings) (City Lights E.P)

Deepfunk – Spacehead (Segment Records)

Deepfunk – Nebula (Whartone Records) (Cobalt E.P)

Deepfunk – Mozaik (Whartone Records) (Cobalt E.P)

Deepfunk – Butterfly (Piemont Records)

Trebon – Acapulco (Revolucion) (Particles E.P)

Trebon – Particles (Revolucion) (Particles E.P)

Trebon – Two Years And A Week (Revolucion) (Particles E.P)

In Production:

Deepfunk – Waiting For Them To Leave

Deepfunk – Output

Deepfunk – Sarcasm

Deepfunk – Pleasure

Deepfunk – Life In The Attic


Malcolm Abdilla – Discotronic

Deepfunk – Ticker

Deepfunk – As It Is Now

Deepfunk – Impact

Deepfunk – Blow (In Space Mix)

Deepfunk – Off The Edge

Deepfunk – Living Souls

Trebon – Zook


Released Remixes:

Marius Modal – Sacred Heart (Deepfunk’s Late Nite Mix) (Revolucion)

Norman H – Wrapped In Plastic (Deepfunk Re-edit) (Stripped Recordings)

Forthcoming Remixes:

Onionz – Sex n Drums (Deepfunk Remix) (Stripped Recordings)

Nomad In The Dark – Attia (Deepfunk’s In The Dark Remix) (Stripped Recordings)

Nomad In The Dark – Neriya (Deepfunk’s Through The Light Remix) (Stripped Recordings)

Dot Com – Paradise City (Deepfunk Remix) (Stripped Recordings)

In Production:

Monogamma – Beautiful Day (Segment Records) (Deepfunk’s breaks remix)

Monogamma – Beautiful Day (Segment Records) (Deepfunk’s for the night remix)

Micromattic – Incredibalism (Deepfunk Remix)


Jacob Todd – The Face Of Time (Deepfunk remix)

Sasha – Mongoose (Deepfunk’s Late Nite Mix)

Depeche Mode – Peace (Deepfunk’s Shadows In The Dark Mix)

Remixed by:

Malcolm Abdilla – Pain Killing Pills (Sonny Wharton Remix) (Revolucion)

Deepfunk – Transitions (Jacob Todd Remix) (Emote Music)

Deepfunk – The Night Before (Marius Modal Remix) (Revolucion)

Deepfunk – The Night Before (Synthia Remix) (Revolucion)

Forthcoming Remixed by:

Deepfunk – Spacehead (James Ryan and Andrew Johnson Remix) (Segment Records)

Deepfunk – Butterfly (Ryan Davis Remix) (Piemont Records)