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Bucharest, Romania

Royal Tek Records, Ultra Records
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Dance fever takes over Europe as new dance projects are beginning to blow up the charts. One of these artists is Deepcentral.

Deepcentral is a band of two talented guys: George and Doru.

G (George) is the “gifted” DJ that started his music career with different dance projects and composing various underground tracks that were played in clubs all over Romania.

D (Doru) is the guy behind the catchy lyrics and the voice of the project. He also started his music career with various projects among which was one of the most important boy bands (Bliss) being also a winner of one of the most popular talent TV show back in the days, PopStars.

In 2006 the guys met and started to work together towards the launch of their own dance project – Deepcentral.

They entered the studio and began working on their first album while their music continued to be heard in all major clubs in Romania.

At the end of 2008 they have signed with Universal Music Romania and by the beginning of 2009 their sound began the supremacy over the Romanian music airplay.

“Cry it away” and “Russian girl” were the two first singles that took the charts by storm bringing the band to the very top of the playlists of all mainstream radio stations in Romania.

Their music broke the state borders, in Russia the single “Russian girl” had a great success, entering Top 20 most played tracks of 2009.

Their success spread fast around the continent as radio and TV stations from CSI countries, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland and Czech Republic picked up their singles, transforming them in one of the hottest dance sensation of the year.

Their single “In Love” was launched at the end of January 2010 and by the end of March it became #1 in Romanian Nielsen Airplay Chart and stayed on the first position for several weeks.

Bulgarians loved the track and soon became one of the most played songs in their country peaking #1 in Bulgarian Nielsen.

Each single was included in various compilations in Spain, Greece and Poland such as Bravo Hits, Ibiza 2010, Superventas 2010;

In December 2010 the guys went on tour in India in 4 of their major towns promoting their 2 smashing hits “In Love” and “Music Makes Me Free”.

2010 was the year when G and D got in the studio to work along side Xonia, a new aspiring artist, releasing “ My Beautiful One” , tracked that peaked #1 in CHR’s playlist of Romanian stations and Top 20 in Russia and Greece.

Deepcentral produced over the years songs for artists such as: Vika Jigulina, Xonia, Ivan Martin, Meena K, Anka, Marius Nedelcu (former Akcent member), Sistem, Ana Maria Ferentz, Anthony Icuagu (The Voice of Romania contestant) and many more.

At the beginning of 2011, Nielsen Music Control and Media Forest, two of the most important music monitoring software announced that the most played artist for 2010, with over 14.000 plays was Deepcentral.

In the summer of 2011, the “Speed of Sound” has brought Deepcentral again in Top 3 most played dance groups by radios and TV in Romania.

The single entered charts in Russia, Turkey, Greece and France. At the beginning of 2012 being also released in Poland.

Their second studio album is due to be released at the end of 2012.

Deepcentral has the right formula on stage that keeps the crowd moving and the public goes ballistic for their music. They performed across Europe in Russia, CSI countries, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Greece.

The era of Deepcentral’s music has just began, you can listen to their songs every where. All the TVs are airing their videos, radios are playing their songs, press are writing about them and people are dancing on their music.

Be prepared for the Deepcentral phenomenon coming to you soon!