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Danubio Rodriguez a.k.a DEE’N’BEE was born in 1984 in a small city of Uruguay, its beginnings began from very young when it presented electronic music thanks to programs radio, from that then knew that music played a very important roll in its life. The very good looking one in principles of year 2000 began to produce music with his first computer, since then their beginnings were using programs called “Trackers” in base MSDOS/Win with samples of 8 bits and very low quality for which it is the present time, at the end of the 2000 it begins to use applications but outposts and account occurred that could be an artist but in this world, as much so it began to formalize its music and to grow in mature form but, nowadays its music is indefinite within the electronic sorts, but their roll to be to be able to share its music through the network.

  • Year 2004: Midi/USB begins to use interphase since then experiments to touch with a keyboard of 5 eighth, as new form to produce I notice that it could touch live and that could be a new and original form but to produce.
  • Year 2005 account occurs that its roll of producer is not everything, from begins there to buy to mixer a reproducer of cds to be able to form like dj, soon discovers the entertainment power to do sets with a tray, since then it begins to use from software to hardware.
  • Year 2007 finds as new taste I generate electro house & the minimal electro as it forms to mix, its point of view to produce is very different at the time of doing sets, according to thinks that music does not have owner to the form to express it in a Seth, but that has an identity to the form to express its selection of live subjects, as much as or as other dj serious able to do the same with its music. this young boy does not have you limit, is expected much of.
  • 2008 Currently working for a foreign label digital sales as more digital beatport juno.
  • 2009 Currently working on Down beats.
  • 2010 Currently working on club music, Lad plushing & records, Sheeva records.