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Belfast born producer and Dj grew up in belfast at the boom of the dance music scene in Northern Ireland. from a very tender age he was already collecting 7" vinyl from dance music icons such as, 2 Unlimited & Eiffel 65. As his music taste was maturing he found himself in the dark side of EDM, The Hardstyle revolution. After various years of listening to this genre of EDM he decided to get into DJing and see what this was all about.

At 14, Dee had owned his 1st set of decks, a pair of soundlab dlp12 belt drives. This had sucked him in to the world of DJing! As the years passed on and his taste in EDM fine tuned itself he had went through many sets of decks, mixers & vinyl to see what set up he preferred best. As always the Technics 1210s MKII’s took him by surprise as these where easily the best on the market. By the time Dee was 18 he was out clubbing every week soaking up all the best music belfast had to offer, listening to dj’s from all around the world. Still involved in the hardstyle scene, he was starting to part ways with it as the weekly clubbing had opened his eyes to different genres of EDM and as he was about to find out it wasn’t just about hard screeches and reverse bass lines that could put the chills down his back!

As he started to broaden his horizons, venture out of belfast and into different clubs and festivals, he started to hear and enjoy a more laid back approach to EDM, which still gave him that tingling sensation in his back opposed to the hardstyle he was into, Dee found house music. This was a whole new beginning for him.

Dee loved this genre so he got on the case soon as and was downloading everyday, he wanted more and more like a addict to trying to feed his habit. As he was soaking up as much House and Tech house as possible, he decided he wanted to get into producing and making his own beats so that he could influence his own passion for house to the world!

Finding ableton live, Dee got to work straight away teaching himself, pushing himself to the limit of his music producing abilities. Every day seemed like another day at school, learning new tricks, creating his own bass, kicks, hats, claps, leads… This was just the beginning of a talented music producer and an upcoming, forward-thinking Dj that always tries to push the boundaries that extra step further!