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Jorge Garcia known like DEDOS DJ, began his career, twenty years ago, in Bogotá Colombia, under house influence, but always creating his own sounds, he generates LIVE MUSIC (MUSICA VIVA) in each one of his presentations, leaving in a floor mixed tracks sound between effects and famous songs, an irreverent one with the great ones, he believes in his own techniques. Hi born in the OLIMPO NIGHT CLUB, one of the main disco of Bogotá and during 7 years it makes of this place the best option for the anxious people of party without pair and new experiences, it happens quickly through the radio in Bogotá in the station OXYGENO, moves to Miami where it begins to work in his own company, in which right now spends the 101% of his time and energies. He has sold mixtures to famous DJ, that have arrived at the top ten peak, at the moment this working in a new CD which it thinks to put in him market at the end of April, in this new work feels like the built-in Latin force to but the select and rhythmic critical moment, generating an explosion of joy with a total force. Follow it the step of his new production and watches as a star consolidates.