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Decibel Flekx, a name synonymous with Electronic Dance Music (EDM), grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey. As a teenager, he had a wide variety of interests ranging from, drawing, graffiti, skateboarding, computers, and snowboarding, with an interest in music always in the background. In 1992, Flekx would have his first experience in EDM at the legendary Nasa events in NYC which then fueled a search for music that began with collecting CD’s of this newly discovered music. A few years later, at age 19, that search landed him at the entrance of Sonic Groove Records where he had no idea that his life would be forever influenced by crossing the threshold. Although familiar with EDM, Flekx was immediately drawn deeper into a world of beats and sounds that had been basically foreign to him just hours before. From that day on he would spend countless hours, over a period of 7 years, listening to music in that very store. The majority of his varied and extensive record collection was purchased at Sonic Groove.

Flekx’s first set of turntables were a DJ’s nightmare. The wires were cut and had to be spliced and taped back together. However, that didn’t discourage him and in fact, only made him more eager to produce the sounds he knew he was capable of. Flekx’s first mixes were recorded on cassette tapes and played at parties and any other social event available. It wasn’t long until he was being invited to play at local bars and clubs with this being just the beginning of what would prove to be an exciting and successful career. His intelligence, innate talent and curiosity, passion, creativity and multifaceted personality would be the foundation to his accomplishments as a DJ, and later, Producer.

By 1999, his new found recognition brought him to the stage at gigs across the country where he would have the privilege to work with legendary DJ’s and Techno artists such as Frankie Bones, Glenn Wilson, Christian Wunsch, Adam X, Function, Bam Bam, Tim Xavier, Robert Armani, Heather Heart, Commander Tom, Richard Vision, Product 19 & D.A.V.E the Drummer. Due to the declining economy after 9/11, mixed in with the politics of promoters, these gigs slowed down and are now few and far between. Many would argue that the politics of promoters helped bring the scene down in quality, but regardless of the reason, the adversity was putting many DJ’s into retirement. It was during this shifting and ever evolving time that Flekx placed himself into the studio to create his own genre of techno, while simultaneously keeping his DJ skills sharp and collection of music in line with the times. Ultimately, this would also work to the advantage of Techno enthusiasts around the world as it would allow Flekx more time to work on producing and releasing tracks on his label, Assimilation Recordings. This label, started in 2007, has become a frequent name in the Top 100 charts across the internet starting with his single Point Blank which hit #1 in the summer of 2009. That release was pivotal for placing Flekx’s name among some of the top producers in the industry.

Now in 2010, Decibel Flekx finds himself included in DJ mixes from the likes of Jaime Bissmire and Ben Long of the Space DJz and Americas Godfather of Techno, Frankie Bones. His tracks are also being played on countless web podcasts around the world. He has earned the loyalty and respect of fans, not only in the US, but also in countries where Techno is considered more of the mainstream including parts of South America and multiple countries in Europe. Such accolades helped bring Flekx up in the ranks as one of the most sought after and accomplished DJ/Producers to come out of New Jersey, and he is quickly finding his place amongst the top names globally. He has also rounded off the year by successfully launching Assimilation Recordings Clothing line which is sold exclusively at!

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open as Decibel Flekx continues to push beyond the limits currently set in Electronic Dance Music. Flekx’s productions are the immediate result of anyone or anything that inspires him so you never know where the next track will take you. You can, however, always depend on his music to be profound and unique. No hype, no filler – just serious music for serious DJ’s and enthusiasts alike.