Deceptikon Beatport


Deceptikon was born in Canberra Royal hospital in Canberra and has been moving with his parents ever since a young age. From Canberra to Singapore then to Sydney then Mexico then China and then back to Sydney.

In 2000 Deceptikon his love for dance music began listening to gatecrasher, public domain, Scooter, nik skitz and old school happy hard. The passion then grew as he discovered more and more styles and genres he just couldn’t resist the uplifting beats.

The year 2003 came and Deceptikon was now d.j’ing on his computer using pcdj mixing beats from the hardstyle to deep trance to gabber his parents and neighbors nearly went insane from the bass kicking from his room constantly.

Then finally in 2005 Deceptikon got his 1st set of decks and is also investing in a set of cd decks as well. He now focuses only on mixing hardstyle, hardcore, gabber and hard trance. At the moment he is just d.j’ing in his bedroom and at parties alongside dj Pinga and m.c pase but is increasing his skills as a d.j so one day he can be part of the Sydney or even international rave scene as a d.j. Some of his favorite djs include Tiesto, Yoji Biomehenika, Luna, Lady Dana, Darkraver, Blutonium Boy, Neophyte, Endymion, Bexta, Amber Savage, The Prophet and Suae.

This is hardstyle.. this is his style.