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Since his early beginnings he was influenced by 80s music, finding his sound in bands like like front 242, nitzer ebb, and one, kmfdm to name a few. Going in the year 1999 to places like k2,ave porco, morocco and different venues he became interested on the darkess roots of electronic music (ebm,techno,d&b) and later in 2000 he starts going to hard techno and hard trance events.

In the year 2001 he manage to get a pair of decks and begins to be formed as a dj finding in its influences artists such as Oberon, Nick Sentience, Eddie Halliwell, Flutlicht, Shokk, Dumonde, etc, finding his sound in styles such as Hard Trance, Uplifting, Tech Trance and Hard Techno. During the year 2002 he participates in a Deejay contest organized by X4 radio managing to pass to the final of the month. In the 2003 he obtains his first dates in the underground venue Sublow, in the ´wicked´ after hour and in the Recycle your mind festival.

In july of 2003 he starts producing events sharing residence next to Dj Carlos Ruiz (winner of thirst music contest to play with Tiesto) in parties like Nexus Party and Ultralow, and next to that he manages to start his actuals underground events called Riseup first in Uniclub and then passes to El Dorado, making monthly parties until the end of the 2006 achieving during those 3 years a faithful and understood audience as for genders like Hard techno/Hard Trance and making a fresh and interesting option in Argentinean Underground Scene.

He also got booked by a lot of undergrounds events like Fun & music, Nightclubber Trance Sessions, Digital Mantra, Underbeat, Out Of System to name a few.

He starts 2006 dedicated to the production of tracks of his own and remixes for new upcoming artist like the argentinean duo Heatbeat – Harmony Rain recently released on itsmo music (El Salvador) and distributed by Paul Van Dyks Label Vonyc ( or his remix in collaboration with his friend Mr v. of the track star 69 due to release on Vinyl in Cortech Records (UK)(

In 2007 he begins his new project with Mr V. called Threshold ( and starts producing several tracks creating a fresh innovating hybrid with a mixture of styles like hard trance/uplifting/tech. His tracks got supported by djs like Phil Reynolds, Nick Rowland, Jason Cortez, Ben Bennet, Sweet Kelly, Oberon to name a few.

Also as a dj, he got requested by imakethebeatgoboom productions to play at P.u.r.a. event with Nic Chagal from Cosmic Gate at palacio alsina doing a closing set with a furious 2000 people crowd getting wild.

During its career he was convocated by the following underground promoters :

Out Of system, Underbeat, Digital Mantra, Abracadabra, Banite,Fucking Society, Dont stop Sign The Music,I Make the Beat Go Boom productions.

During his years as a dj he shared boths with djs such as:

Nationals: Pepsan, Madbit, Modex, Pandy, Moshley, Matias Parisi, Dj William, Dj Udolph, Emanuel Bustos, Carlos Ruiz, MAO, Neutrino, Nico Bunge, Frances, Diego Rok, Mk2, Juan Pryor, Chikane,Choval, Anarchy, Martix, Ezze Ramone, Claudio Guff, Neurona, Agustin Servente,Acid D, Towlee, Javier Bussola, Freddy, Wan lee / Neb (Indamix),Miss Akane, Felipe Fernandez, Venom Creatures (live act) , Anubis, Guillermo Cuneo, Groovedealers, Simon, among others.

Internationals: Phil Reynolds (Uk),Ed Dimmock (Uk), DJ Patrixx (Hydraulix Records, Fr), Alex Calver (Glitch Recordings, Uk), Chris Liberator (Hydraulics, Uk),Alex S (SP Groove, Br), Travis Lea (Burning Man,Uk), Nic Chagal (Cosmic Gate, Germany)