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Hamburg, Germany

Hard Dance, Techno

Tunnel Records
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“Music is my life!”, DJ DEAN’s motto.

This truthful saying is the impulse of an exceptional career which makes this artist from Hamburg to one of the most beloved DJs in Germany. The Resident-DJ of the Techno/Trance Club TUNNEL achieved effortlessly the jump into the top 10 of the Media Control Charts with each of more than 30 published volumes of the CD “TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE”.

The master of contemporary Trance got another enormous thrust of popularity in the scene with the maxi-vinyls “DJ DEANPROTECT YOUR EARS”, “DJ DEANPLAY IT HARD”, “DJ DEAN – IT’s A DREAM” and “DJ DEANBALLANATION

Also his project “DAS LICHT”, which he runs together with the successful producer Atilla Girisken (Cocooma), possesses a character of cult in the scene.

In the meantime he has a lot of different projects like: Angel Beats, Barbarez, Dynamic D’s, Sylver Liquid, Impegement Syndrom, Van Nilson, and so on. Each of this projects covers an own sound / style.

It all began for the 28 years old chap in the House of Youth where DJ DEAN’s triumph started in 1992. Step by step he conquered Hamburg’s Club-Scene, starting with Hardcore and Gabba. After spinning at the TIME TUNNEL RAVE in 1995, he immediately became Resident-DJ at TUNNEL CLUB and filled his fans with enthusiasm by finest Trance.

In 1997 DJ DEAN was able to make his dream come true he established his own studio. The first project in co-operation with Sony Music Media was the launch of the most successful Techno CDs at the moment, the “TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE” and “DJ NETWORX”. Meanwhile the third DJ DEAN solo-album “Protect your ears” appeared on TUNNEL RECORDS and further projects are planned.

Also in 2005 he knows to convince the people with his sound! He describes his style as tech-trance sound! DJ Deans spins on almost every Continent. It was a long way, but it still hasn’t ended, yet!