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1982 - Born a small Geordie boy in a sea-side town not too far from Newcastle. 1988 - Was given my first guitar - a baby acoustic. Raar. 1989 - Got my first music pla... read more
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1982 – Born a small Geordie boy in a sea-side town not too far from Newcastle.

1988 – Was given my first guitar – a baby acoustic. Raar.

1989 – Got my first music player – a Soundabout, and got hold of an acid house cassette that belonged to my older brother. Played non-stop. Cried when it broke.

1990 – Started to write tunes on my first computer – an Amstrad CPC 464 with a green screen – old skool

1992 – Got my first ‘real’ guitar – a Fender strat for Christmas. Became obsessed with Nile Rodgers, Jimi Hendrix and George Benson

1993 – Started experimenting with Dad’s four-track tape recorder and making tunage. Started listening to lots of Blues, Jazz and Disco but still hugely into the house tunes of the 80s. Farley Jackmaster Funk’s Love Can’t Turn Around record which got from a second hand shop is my prize possession and I get into deep shit from my brother for accidentally destroying our favourite cassette which contains The Critic’s “Disco’s Dead” (a rare record which I am now working on remixing).

1994 – Got my own recording set up. An Amiga with Octamed and an 8-bit sampler. Spent that christmas recording parents and splicing their words up to say bad things. Got grounded!

1996 – First ‘proper’ band gigs alongside my brother, and a random set of people including Cheryl Cole.

1997 – Made a band ‘Time Machine’ and went around the clubs. Lots of clubs wouldn’t let me in at 15. Laminated my photo onto my brothers passport to get in. A whole new world of clubbing awaited…

1998 – Saw Run DMC at the first Creamfields festival. After watching Laurent Garnier, decided I wanted to be a DJ.

1999 – Constant visits to a friends house to mess around on his decks. The Matrix was released. Genius.

2000 – Got bought a pair of Vestax decks for my 18th birthday. Stayed in my bedroom for 12 months solid.

2001 – Decided to come out of the house suffering from light deprivation and repetitive strain injury. Started working in a Newcastle based recording studio while studying Music Technology

2002 – Went back to the clubs I used to love so much. DJ’d at numerous house parties and a couple of bank holiday bloc parties.

2003 – Started listening to lots of soul and hiphop and decided to give it a try. Couldnt stop whistling Raphael Saadiq and Tribe Called Quest records.

2004 – House gigs and HipHop/Soul gigs. Lots of action on the HipHop/Soul front.

2005 – Came on board with Def Jam. First international DJ bookings out in Dubai and Russia.

2006 – Went over to spin for Sony BMG’s urban label but started to get bored of hiphop and soul as the scene became saturated with commercial RnB. Started a few house nights.

2007 – First house gig out in Ibiza then got signed to DJ for Hed Kandi after A&R turned up at one of my UK events.

2008 – Started working in the Ministry of Sound office on the Hed Kandi albums. Back in the studio at last too!

2009 – Never looked back… ;)