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It’s been one hell of a ride for Dean Demanuele these past years. Deriving from a small but potent Isle called Malta, Dean has been on the forefront wherever he has laid his eyes on.

Sitting in his studio and performing to some special crowds is who he is. His journey started in the UK alongside Pig&Dan with various collaborations on labels like Bedrock and Boxer Recordings. This was the start that shaped him to be who he is today.

During his first years he got immediate attention from the elite like Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin and many more. This made him hungry for more, there was no stopping him from then on.

Dean’s solo debut came also on Boxer Recordings, with two solid dance floor driving tracks. This was his first home as a recording artist. Just right after he also was featured on the 10 years compilation alongside Robert Babicz, Rodriguez Jr., Dusty Kid and many more.

In 2012-13 was the first time he came across what was to be his second home, Berlin. It was also a crucial time that made him decided to open his own label, Dazed & Confused Records. Berlin engraved something special in his soul and It was a very inspiring time for the artist, this helped him also to find himself and his sound.

Just a year after Dean was getting linked to Switzerland quite a lot. As he performed live it made him a frequent traveller to the rich country more and more. This was when he met Lee Van Dowski. Dean and Lee joined forces for a full year to release on major labels like mobilee, Leena, Bedrock, Intacto and Noir Music amongst others.

It was time to gather all the music he had done during these past years and perform something special to the crowd. His live sets were getting richer and more elaborate including also a microphone to his set up to sing along his productions. 2015 was the time to tour further and move to Berlin for a longer period. During this time he performed in Berlin, Zurich, Lucern, Biarritz and Malta, with the latter performing for a 50,000 crowd at an Isle of Mtv concert.

Studio time never stops for Dean as he also managed to slip in some big releases on Snatch! and Tenampa Recordings, making “My My My” and “Blumen” his top hits of the year.

2016 will see Dean releasing a hefty release schedule with labels like Einmusika, Tenampa and Dazed and Confused. It will also be the start of a new venture with his Dazed & Confused showcases being included in his tour dates.