Dealexis Beatport


Involved in the music from very young, at the age of ten Dealexis started to listen to rock music influenced by the bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, U2, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and many more. Years later he started to play guitar and other instruments at school. In 1998 he stepped into the scene of electronic music in Lima in which he got many diferent impressions of how to work with this kind of music. Interested in that style of music he started to hear especially tracks of national and international dj’s and stopped hearing comercial pop music. His interest in making music and learning more about it clashed with his studies at university, so that he finally broke up. Three years later, in 2002, he decided to study the course of sound engineering, in which he acquired important knowledge and handlings about software and hardware for recording and digital edition, as well as how tu use the new techniques of recording and edition for different musical styles. At the same time he learned to play piano and other instruments, as well as he worked with different groups at some live events. In 2003 with a knowledge much bigger yet he started to work on his first own tracks. He also continued to mix at smaller events and parties of his friends. Still doing his studies he gained a lot of experience for his future. In 2005 he finished his carrer at univerity as a professional sound engineer. At this time he started to concentrate more in his own productions and remixed some tracks for smaller events. At 2007 he worked as professional Dj all year round in many discos in Lima. This year was an important experience for him to learn about working with the audience and how to carry them trough the night. After this he decided to go back to work in his studio to produce his own music. Now that he knew how to make the people move, he wanted to create own tracks to make them dance to his music. Currently he is doing some new tracks, as well as som remixes of older tracks.