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San Francisco producer Derrick Boyd aka Dead Seal has been making music for almost of his whole life, one of those special individuals possessed with the gift of perfect pitch. He brings a glimpse of real musicality to the underground tech house and groovy house scene, something rarely experienced on the dance floor. In the studio as Dead Seal he’s carved an austere path of “Nuclear Winter” atonality and Skinny Puppy theatrics to create, what could be best described as, “other worldly”. He also sings, plays clarinet, guitar and bass, keys and live this vast sea of musical expression creates a sense of a Grand-Guignol cabaret for rivetheads. It is this sense of bravado and daring that blurs the line between traditional live performance and the microprocessor obsessed futurism of the house scene. Dead Seal’s powerful stage presense drawn from old school cats like Iggy Pop also helps to partially define the originality of his music. He himself describes these new directions in sound as discovering the infinite within his mortal remains and posits that this is the dichotomy of existence. Even the alias Dead Seal is part of his philosophy acting as “a symbol of my past, present, and future lives- reminding me that I am more than just a man.”

Boyd has been a recording junkie since his teens and has created a volume of more than a hundred songs and tracks which he jokingly refers to as his “Dead Seal Scrolls” . In the midst of all his activity, Dead Seal’s debut album Corpus Animus “labelled best underground artist in Dj Magazine”, dropped in fall of 2009 on maverick San Francisco techno label Auralism Records-a natural fit. Fallowed Koo Koo Mind release on Stellar producer/ label owner Alland Byallo’s NIghtLight Music, and Dead Seal’s latest remix released on Crosstown Rebels for Damian Lazarus. The Future holds upcoming releases on the ever so up and coming label My Favorite Robot called “Goldemine” with big remixes from Adult Napper, Droog and Sid Le Rock, and a full album in the making for the electrifying monster label No.19 Music. The only question that now remains about the enigmatic Dead Seal is why a guy so clearly talented has to date only released an amount of singles that can be easily counted on one’s hands? Boyd responds in his own inimitable style, “I am really hard on myself and demand a lot of myself before I die. I have kept my music a secret for so long that it is too early for me to have any real accomplishments till recently. But I assure everyone that the best has yet to come, I’m just getting warmed up. ’Bout time after 200 hundred songs… and twenty five years. Music takes a lifetime, you are never retired, and if you are you better have no finger tips left or lips to sing.”