Dead P.A. Beatport


One of the fastest up-and-coming live P.A.s in the U.S. – DEAD P.A. is changing the rules of dancefloor events. After cutting their teeth in the fourth largest U.S. city of Houston, Texas with an unusual dynamic interaction of live percussion, guitar, keyboards, vocals and programmable audio, the act quickly obtained a monthly residence at a swanky downtown club and has set fire everywhere since with their unique brand of “Drum N Breaks.” While DJs are known for bringing music to the party, DEAD P.A. is bringing back the party to music. An emphasis on performance (rather than standing behind gear and pumping a fist once in a while) has generated comparison to a concert atmosphere or hip hop stage show and has consistently won over even the “cliquiest” of music-lovers. Their adrenalin fueled exchange with audiences has kept them in demand in California, Texas, Utah, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nevada, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida…just to name a few.

Core members of DEAD P.A. include George “The Human Drum Machine” Blitch and Jason Walsh AKA “Papa Zero” while frequent collaborative and performance duties are supplied by soulful songbird Krystal Hardwick and the Montreal based producer and MC Levon Louis.