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Dead Air

San Bernardino, United States

Electronica, Trance

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My name is William P. Kelley AKA Dj Dead Air.

My dream of mixing, producing and evolving music started when i was very young watching my dad play his bass guitar.

Through the years i have been following a life of music.

I soon learned how to compose and write sheet music to then replay on my piano and trumpet at school.

I eventually lost my ambition to write music or play my piano and trumpet around the age of 13.

Shortly after my friends litterally snagged me up, threw me into the trunk of the car, cause there was no room and brought to a popular Drum & Bass event and was snuck in.

I litterally spent the entire night next to the subwoofer jamming to the beats that were so ear pleasing to my mind.

Instantly, i knew that this was why i am here and would be my new home.

After that night i never returned to a club, and started to download trial’s of production software and mixing software and began to teach myself about what this music was, where it came from and what can i really do for it. After that, i started to mix and matched songs together as mash-up’s and made a few looped songs in Sonic Foundry ACID.

I like to mix/produce any genre and am building a studio to make custom sounds that i want to pioneer with, you. Here we are now, Live, In-The-Mix.