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De Wachtkamer

Phuket, Thailand

Progressive House

Bermudos, Entrainment, Lowbit
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dj/producer based in Dubai


KDB Records (Germany),

Progrezo Records (Brazil),

Bonzai Progressive (Belgium),

Incense Records (Spain),

Entrainment Records (Dubai)

We can say that his music style was “born” in 2001, when he began to play in various clubs in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and amaze crowds.

Success didn’t take a long time to come to him. He became successful in a short period of time – played his music all over the CIS and impressed the audience greatly, so his name got to the list of those who in 2000s made “A Musical Revolution”.

In few years his touring schedule was so tough that some famous DJ-s in Russia or Ukraine became jealous of him.

Paolo Insomnia made a lot of festivals, open airs and simple parties more impressive and unforgettable.

He pulled himself together and finally gave a name to the new music style!

He goes to the United Arab Emirates, to the mysterious and absorbing city – Dubai.

For some this choice may seem a bit strange but not for Paolo. Because you can meet a lot of club celebrities who are famous all over the world and of course famous actors and actresses.

In a year and a half he became a resident and then a headliner of many parties from the company “Alpha Events”.

With every day he got more and more success and more and more parties.

When he became confident in a morrow, he started his own project which is called “Terra Incognita”. And after that his tracks were available through the Internet and also could be heard on the radio.

Terra Incognita has done his work and the result was enormous! Soon he was offered to be exclusive resident in “Quantum”, Dubai. That was another step to the world wide fame.

Even after that Paolo went on in his career and started the second project in the “Sanctuary” club.

Paolo Insomnia did not waste his time; he began to give private V.I.P. open air parties on fashionable yachts on Persian Gulf.

Today Paolo Insomnia’s the biggest producer project is “De Wachtkamer”. Under this name he released several records, with the atmospheric, deep and unique sound, which will absorb those ones who have already felt in love with his music.