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De Sluwe Vos

Deventer, Netherlands

Assembly Records, Big Flu Records, Extended Play
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De Sluwe Vos,

A rare bread: new kids on the block with support from DJ Sneak, Jordan Peak and Shlomi Aber.

De Sluwe Vos (roughly translated: ‘The Sly Fox’) got attention from these big boys, after releasing

some next level tracks in 2012. "I always try to make music that is ready for the floor. Call it a

blend of techno and house, if you like,” De Sluwe Vos states. “But putting tags on music doesn’t

bring me any satisfaction.” Mixing styles into a sound you haven’t heard before, is what he does

best. It has to be original, so why settle for less?

High energy and quick mixes are De Sluwe Vos’ trademark when behind the decks. Crowds are to

be rocked – whether at Welcome To The Future festival, Amsterdam or The Garage, Leeds. This

approach is bringing our young and upcoming talent to more and more venues across the world.

With a residency at Amsterdam’s renowned Melkweg venue as a home base, he is aiming for

more. Most recently, a monthly appearance in the UK is the latest step in conquering the world.

Moreover, strong hooks and fat drums being his specialty, De Sluwe Vos is now releasing on

imprints like Slapfunk, Extended play, Local Talk, Pura Music and Albion. Expect even more in the

near future! His side project Raw Equipment (together with MVDL) is another focal point. The

ultimate goal remains to achieve a state of bliss together with the crowd; a state in which all

worries evaporate and the music simply takes over.