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Chicago, United States


AKA: Shannon Ialongo, Superjane

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It’s hard to believe that only after a few years in the business, Shannon Lolongo (more widely known as DJ Dayhota) has accomplished so much. In the beginning, Dayhota was a regular on the party circuit, honing her skills, spinning for the infamous 2418 North Ave. parties. Soon Dayhota found her way into Chicagos elite DJ circles, challenging the learning curve, playing alongside and learning from the likes of DJs Derrick Carter, Heather & Diz.

Superjane was formed because Colette, Heather and I didn’t see a real outfit for us in the industry. We formed this collective with this mindset… the name Jane describes us, every woman, all women. We wanted every woman to feel that they were being represented. The word SUPER describes how we feel every woman should be, no matter what they do. In our case it is spinning. DJ Dayhota can be found smiling, dancing to her own beat and rocking dance floors in some of America’s major nightclubs such as: Chicago’s Karma, Madbar, Crobar and Big Wig not to mention The Limelight in New York City. She’s toured the entire U.S of A. with Revolution Magazine and SuperJane. She has also introduced herself and her sound abroad. Including dates in Paris, Australia and Canada.

The competition, however, is as fierce in Chicago as anywhere in the world, and as Dayhota realizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Staying focused is so important, because if you miss a beat, there will always be someone right there, to fill that void. You have to stay alert to the changes in music, equipment, and the scene in general.DJ Dayhota describes her style as …aggressive, with obvious Chicago-style roots, hard and deep. I view music as a language, akin to math…one plus one equals two, this record plus that record equals an incredible vibe…sounds to make you move. Appropriating the right vibe for the right people. Dayhota pays more than the usual attention to creativity, with her desire to produce and engineer her own music.

Dayhota is quickly becoming a national media-darling with features appearing in Spin, Jane, Urb, Revolution and Velocity magazines.

Chicago has always been home to many successful DJ’s. All of them accomplished in there own right, producing, re-mixing and spinning. However, today’s new breed of DJ’s are hungry, talented, determined, and ready to work, and DJ Dayhota is definitely making her mark.