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With DavidChristoph we have a fresh, fulminant Dj

battle, which stands for extravagant work on stage

and mindblowing performance! Feasting up to the

point of ecstasy, dancing in great profusion and music

that forces you to move your body, are just 3 maxims

they act on. Always keep in mind THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

Who are they?

DavidChristoph consists of two people, Dave Slide

from Slovenia and Chris Eco from Austria! Their performances

are legendary; because they really understand

how to party with their fans! Special Sunglasses

and a Nintendo Wii Controller on stage are just two

gimmicks they use!

Step towards heaven

Real attention was attracted in the year 2008 through

tracks on the famous label Felix Kröcher Recordings,

abstract Records, etc.! Even the popular Dj Rush

played their tracks on the well known TIMEWARP

in front of thousands of feting people! Furthermore

you can find their tracks in playlists of Dj BIG names

like Dave Clarke, The Advent, Industrializer, Adam

Jay and many more!

Numerous gigs followed; and the two partyanimals

performed in countries like JAPAN , SPAIN, ITALY, SLOVENIA, HOLLAND,


and showed that they got this special thing to stand

out of the mass of acts!

Agency time

The world needs fresh wind, innovative ideas and

strong techno music. Also the popular Dj MARCO

REMUS knows that and so decided to pick them up

into his agency STEREO70; and so they played even

more around the globe, got more releases on popular

labels and inspired the masses!

Be yourself

Since 2009 they got their own Label. So they achieve

their own “Philosophy of music” and are involved in

creating new ways in “modern techno” and so reinvent

themselves ! The first record which was released

on their own Label was more than a success, the EP

was chartllisted by nearly all record shops! At the famous

record shop www.deejay.de it was charted as

#1! And again you can find them in the cases of all the

big names in the scene!!

Fresh ideas

Together wit

h a club they organize parties in austria,

which soon became the best visited in the country!

Have a look yourself www.worldoftechno.at! Furthermore

they created a community called AUSTRIA

IS TECHNO to have an accesspoint for Technokids

in their country!

That’s abstract

2009 the next step was made! They became member

of one of the most popular agencies in techno music


Enhanced Music

End of 2009 Dave and Chris decided to change one

more time their agency; this time it’s all about ENHANCED

MUSIC is owned by nobody else than

Frank Kvitta himself!! Furthermore it’s the home of

great artists like Boris S. , Arkus P, Industrializer and

many more. DavidChristoph are the only Austrians

who are member of this high quality electronic music

agency! Now they are member of one of the leading

agencies in the world!!

2010 a year of power!

To keep it short, DavidChristoph released in 2010

over 70 tracks and their first album, which they produced

after their tour through Japan/Tokyo in 2009,

on famous labels like SYNDIKAAT Records, Naked

Lunch, Planet Rhythm and many more popular labels.

They played all over the globe and represented

their sound in clubs with over 10.000 people(like in

Spain @ the mainfloor of FABRIK) and on festivals

with over 25.000 people, like the famous Q – Base!

Their sound is even featured on the official Q-Base

Cd Compilation! They travel around the world and

simply elate with every performance!! “It is more an

experience than a performance!” they say about their

gigs themselves!!

Closing words

Next releases on really famous labels are fixed and

will be in record stores soon, new projects are in

process to be realized and next gigs are waiting to be

played!! Never forget