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Although David West might be a new name to many of you, he has been around for a very long time. He began his musical journey at the age of 2 when his father, who is a musician himself, put him behind the black and white keys of the piano. David was taught by his father until the age of 6, then it was time for classical training with other teachers. By the age of 7 David had his first meeting with a synthesizer, and he immediately fell in love with the weird sounds that came out of it. Two years later he got a porta-studio (a 4-channel tape recorder) and started producing his own music, and from there he went to working with computers such as C-64, AMIGA and ATARI.

His professional career started back in 1994 when he teamed up with Robin Söderman and formed Antiloop. The band is a household name in the Scandinavian club circuits and following the success of their debut album, “LP”, the name spread fast across the global underground network with cuts such as “In My Mind”, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and “Trespasser” fast becoming techno classics and crossing over in numerous European territories. Most of the Antiloop singles have positioned themselves at the #1 spot in the Scandinavian dance charts.

Well over 500 performances have been completed. Numerous Scandinavian tours covering main stages at some of the largest out door festivals as well as small clubs for a few hundred people. Not to mention mind-throbbing sets for Ministry of Sound (S), Cream (S), Club [V] (Asia), Monday Bar (S), MTV Dance Floor Chart Tour (S) and Swedish national radio P3. In the last few months the guys have played in Moscow, St Petersburg, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Grenoble just to mention a few.

Apart from working with Antiloop, David West has a lot going on. Together with Andreas from Inkfish, new production-outfits are being born by the hour. As De Nada, the duo has created tribal-tinged stuff for labels like Barry Gilbeys Choo Choo and Chus & Ceballos Stereo. The De Nada remix of Martin H´s ‘Over’ was #1 on DJ Chus´s chart for several weeks amongst others.

As Inkfish vs David West, they work with Greed´s SOG-label. The first release ‘Aftermath’ got massive support from Dj´s like Paul Van Dyk and Marco V to name a few.

As Synergy, they have taken their more progressive as well as melodic influences to another planet. Silver Planet. Pacifier was the first track to be released. With plays from almost everybody worth mentioning it quickly became a huge success. The followup release ‘Hello Strings’ is already licensed to Armin Van Buuren´s forthcoming compilation called “Universal Religion part 2 – Live From Ibiza” and is destined to become a monster hit.

As Audioholics, David teams up with the young talent Özgür Can. The first track from this duo “External Key” is already featured on many compilations by artists such as Gabriel and Dresden and Armin Van Buuren. The first release from David West on his own is ‘Envy/Carrier’. It has been released on Way Out West´s album ‘Don´t look now’. Right now David is busy working on a new Antiloop album and remixing tracks for Tilt, Matt Darey, Carrie Skipper, Pete Lazonby, Inkfish, Shiloh and Dominic Plaza. He is also working on a very exciting collaboration with Andy Moor.