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David Riascos

Bogotá, Colombia


Follow Up Records, FootLoversMusic, Oktal Musik
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David started his career about 5 years ago, exploring the music production path, falling in love of electronic music. From the moment he created his first beat, he knew that he was born to make great music, fortunately for us- he was right.

David officially started his path in the music business in 2006, when after winning “clandestino (Colombian music producer contest)” he signed with HMSPmusic (New York) and easily became one of the greatest and youngest producers and djs in Colombia, after putting most of his tracks in some of the best charts in the world such is Ministry of Sound and E2D, and become best seller with his most-known hits in 2007 “Get Ready To Dance”, “Ice Queen” and “In the Clouds”. Having the attention of the public, David released another hit with Joy Kitikonty’s label… Discover EP; once again he was charted in the top tracks lists. In the middle of 2007, Rod Debyser listen to one of the greatest tracks of David, “The Journal”, and immediately he signed with Rod’s Label, “Mad Stuff Records” releasing his first 12" EP, “The Journal EP” under Follow Up Records.

In the last quarter of 2007 David started to work in the music biz in Colombia working with local artists and bands in promotion, marketing, edition and publishing. Having success with these artists, he became part of a society called Downtown Monkeys Music SRL and establish Downtown Monkeys Recordings and the sub-labels Oktal Musik, Screamin’ 4 Records, Diskotraks and TtekK Records, this society also created Downtown Monkeys Publishing affiliated with Sayco and Acinpro (Author Societies in Colombia) and establish DMP (Promotion and Marketing Group). In 2008 David’s agreement with HMSPmusic expires and is not renewed, selling out most of the Eps with this Label, simultaneously Downtown Monkeys was officially released to the public. After a couple months, David became part of Nuthouse Colombia (Collective and Management Agency in Colombia and USA) which owns by the time all Dj and Live Act gigs rights.

Right now David’s work is focused in Downtown Monkeys Recordings and Nuthouse, helping and supporting new talented artists, and releasing great music into the market. Be sure to be up to Downtown Monkeys and Nuthouse News!