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David Palmer

Los Angeles, United States

Chill Out, House

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DJ David Palmer is an American born astrologer, house deejay and tv/radio personality. He has appeared on multiple television shows, hosts his own radio show and performs house music live throughout America, David’s message of positivity, love and inspiration is here to change the world. David is now the spokesman of a new astrology product called, “Starhearts”.

As an astrologer, David is at the forefront of bringing the message of the stars to all people and “turning the light on” in as many lives as he can reach. David has developed an ideal which he defines as “Inclusive Astrology” and a personal astrology reading called, “Target Astrology”. Inclusive Astrology is the process of creating a collective energy and consciousness to unite the world together in a message only the stars can write. Target Astrology is a pin point, precise reading that unveils the aim and focus on a specific area in your life.

David currently co-hosts the radio program, “Beauty and the Grumble” with his celebrity love Erika Othen. The couple met on set while taping Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks Number 1 rated summer reality show, “True Beauty” on ABC. True Beauty has aired in America as well as multiple networks internationally. For international airdates

Beauty and the Grumble is a show which focuses on relationships and current events and brings a positive message through “Beautifully Grumbling” that only Othen and Palmer can deliver.

The new product, “StarHearts” is a new astrology reading which uses Helio charted astrology. It is a new breakthrough in astrology that defines your complete life path and defines personal relationship truths and compatibility.

David has also co-hosted the internet show, “Astro Gossip” with fellow astrologer Christopher Witecki. Astro Gossip unveiled the truth behind popular world gossip and celebrity culture by using astrology in a comedic way. David also hosted “Underground Vibrations,” a house music radio show broadcast based out of Argentina that brought 2 hours of live mixing while airing internationally. David has also appeared on several MTV shows and has been featured in the National Enquirer, NPR, People and on the Style Network, “The Dish” and on The Soup" on E!

As an astrologer and deejay,David’s message is clear: Positivity, love and inspiration. For bookings and more information please visit,