David Padilla

David Padilla Beatport


Twenty-one years have jolted-by and David Padilla still remembers the days in New York, where his musical journey started, growing-up with contemporaries like David Mancuso, Larry Levan, David Morales and Frankie Knuckles among many others. Throughout the years, Padilla has brought audiences together to dance uncontrollably, to sweat-out their last drop of energy, and to evolve as music has. When looking at the list of DJs in America that have locked-in a following for electronic sound, his name prevails on the top every time.

David Padilla landed on South Beach in 1989, where he spun the crowd wild at the legendary Warsaw Ballroom for eight years, and his taste for trance was slowly bubbling under. He was a pioneer at the time, being the first DJ in South Beach to gain national recognition for his unforgettably diverse marathon sets at this acclaimed establishment.

Israel, Holland, Germany, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, and cities across the United States have endured Padilla’ poignant blitzkrieg. Thousands of faithful listeners keep coming back for more, like a cult following, worshiping his every move. He’ inspired consummate reverence, acquiring residencies throughout the world, most recently at Amsterdam’ Kremlin and maintaining his musical realm at The Mix, which Padilla calls home. This exhilarating after-hours is the place where his career reached a new level. It is where he imported, cultivated and refined a hypnotic, yet energetic sound onto his custom built sweltering sound system that has erected a new dimension in Miami Beach’ trance scene.

Throughout his career, dance communities have recognized Padilla with a number of DJ awards, and he has stormed through the international dance scene with his haunting melodies that maintain optimum energy. These dynamic and spontaneous sets reinforce the synergy between him and the roaring crowd, and are saturated with evolutionary music that spawns an explosive reaction that can be witnessed whenever he is working.

Padilla’ drive and aspirations have maintained two decades of commitment, reaching a transition where he’ doing more than he’ ever done in the past. He ignites his blaring horn and apex of sound at every performance by masterminding lavish harmonies, effervescent breakdowns and combusting buildups. His rise to the top of the DJ ladder is testimonial to the perfection of his art. The tally of bodies that dance in a frenzy to his powerfully assembled musical arrangement is pure proof that David is firing up a storm.

Welcome to the world of David Padilla, “The Machine,” where you have crossed the border into a new line of sound and a new level of reality. Electronic music will never be the same again.