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David KÔrg

Ibiza, Spain

House, Tech House

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Born in Vila Flor (Bragança, Portugal) in 1986, DÄVID KÔRG 9 years already frequented the clubs of his brothers descended from a long generation of dj’s in your family. At age 12 began with his first vinyls at Jeremy’s Club (Carvalho de Egas, Portugal) a big name club in the 90’s brings in Traz-os-Montes (Portugal), where he played the clubhouse and undergound. At 13 years he was the resident DJ Vicio da Noite (Bragança, Portugal), making up call by Dj Breezer. becoming dj revelation for their age, and progress for its unique style.

In 2001, is one of the DJs Jeremy’s Club, Disco Flor (Vila Flor, Portugal) and the Vicio da Noite until 2004 having also been at Pacha Torre Vieja as a guest.

Inaugurated in 2004 and is the resident DJ at Mercado Club (Bragança, Portugal) also producing the first CD of the club, also the stage name DJ Dave D’Sil giving more power to your career, sharing the booth throughout the country with best DJs and musicians from Portugal and some international as Dj Chus , Vibe, Pete Tha Zouk, Miguel Rendeiro, Emanuel, Hallux, Manaca Carlos, Overule, Mila, MarkVoxx, Harry Josh and many more.

In 2005, he emigrated alone aged 18 to Andorra, where thought to end his career dream by economic problems, at the end of four months is not holding up the pressure back to active, was Dj in Cocktail Club, a small club in La Massana ( Andorra) Passing also by L’Avern lounge Club and Tabola club.

In 2007, was Dj in Buda Andorra to 2010, the best club in the PrincipatD’Andorra at the moment. Sharing many as several cabins with dj’s and vocalists Dj Wally Lopez, Rebeca Brown, Nalaya Brown, Andre Vicenzzo, Paco Morotto, Javi Mula, Pedro Casanova, Pete Tha Zouk, among others.

From the 2010 becomes Freelancer is invited to the Festival Downhill World Cup Vallnord, Andorra, Festival Sky Women’s World Championship GrandValira Andorra.

In 2010 started a project “humanTraffic DJ’s” with Dj Miss Pryde being a success, present in the most important festivals in Portugal as Ermal Island in 2012, Dj Miss Pryde was replaced by Dj Miguel Pina and singer / vocalist Vanessa Martins (Idols -Portugal) leading the “HTDJS” many parties Academic

In February 2013 decides to go to Ibiza. Where to from now on will be known by DÄVID KÔRG.